Sonia: Ravana In Female Form?

September 15, 2007 at 12:27 pm (Commentary)

 Sonia: Ravana In Female Form?

The Italian bimbette stood on the Indian Ocean seashore
at the site of Ram Setu.

Munching 5 pizzas and 5 bowls of spaghetti and wondering how
she was able to do it, she was shocked to discover that she had 20
arms instead of two.

She went over to look at her reflection in the salt water
and screamed.

She discovered that she now had 10 heads.

The Italian airheads looked along the coast and saw
a beautiful maiden.

“Sita,” she screamed and grabbed the maiden, “I shall now
take you to Sri Lanka and Ram won’t be able to get you again 
since I’ll have torn his bridge out.”

The pizza-eating bimbo cackled hysterically and with her 10
heads and 10 mouths, she sounded like an American heavy
metal band.

At that moment,  Ram approached in a motor boat driven
by Hanuman.

“Ram,” the 10-airheaded Italian bimbette screamed, “but how’s that
possible? The Archeaological Survey of India signed an affidavit with
the Supreme Court saying you don’t exist.”

“Well if I don’t exist,” Ram smiled, “then you’d better see a psychiatrist
for chatting to imaginary non-existent beings.”

Ram fired an arrow at the modern-day Ravana’s heart and although
this modern-day Ravana didn’t have a heart, it destroyed the notebook
containing all the passwords to this modern day Ravana’s Swiss bank

The modern-day Ravana screamed and dove into the Palk Strait 
(or was it the Gulf of Mannar?) and drowned herself.


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