The Griswold of the Night

October 18, 2007 at 8:26 pm (Humour, Poetry, Satire)

 The Griswold of the Night

The wine was spent in the desert tent
by the oasis Nevadamore
The feast was o’er
just sound of snore
as the Griswold entered the tent
a furry beast ne’er paid his rent
look at his car
it has a dent
and there lying at his feet
was old banker Pete.
He helped himself to gold watch and chain
’cause to pass this up would be insane.
Pete snored
Al Gored
global warming this desert heat
but it was night
and all were tight
and their possessions soon gone
out of sight.

A loud cry echoed through the desert hue
we’ve been robbed said young Stu
it was morning- sand with dew
While we slept
a robber crept
and took our pants to boot.
The sight was a hoot.

TV stations were there with cameras
Congressmen there going bananas
Was this an orgy? asked anchorwoman Sue
as yet another resignation came through.
Larry King did his thing
and Anderson Cooper too
The media had a field day
and Rush Limbaugh was turning blue.

And so the story was told in future campfires
of the Griswold of the night
who put an end to several political careers
by the dawn of morning light.

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