The Dark Box of Shamballa

December 31, 2007 at 3:56 pm (Mystery/horror, Politics, Short play, Short stories)

 The Dark Box of Shamballa

Dec. 19th 1944- Office of the Fuhrer, Berlin

Hitler: Ah, Col. Eckhart, I see you’ve finally returned from the SS
expedition to Tibet. I believe I sent you back in 1939 and you only just
got back to Berlin now?

Col. Eckhart: We took a wrong turn in the Himalayas. And it didn’t help
matters much that our guide also turned out to be afraid of heights.

Hitler: So did you find the Lost City of Shamballa where the Ascended
Masters reside?

Col. Eckhart: We found the Lost City of Shamballa but the Ascended
Masters weren’t residing there when we arrived. Possibly the rents are too
high. A lot of the buildings there seemed to be emblazoned with gold and precious

Hitler: Did you find the Dark Box of Shamballa- that box that contains in it all the
dark psychic energies of the universe? A box that whoever opens it will become 
Master of the Universe?

Col. Eckhart: We found the Box and brought it back to Berlin. Those brave
SS officers who helped carry it back are currently being treated for massive

Hitler: And have you opened the Box yet?

Col Eckhart: We seemed to be having some trouble opening it,
Mein Fuhrer.

Hitler: That Box must be opened. If we can open it, this will ensure that I’ll
win the War.

63 years later on Dec. 19th, 2007, Russian President Vladimir Putin
is sitting in his office in the Kremlin. The phone rings.

Putin (picking up the phone): Yes?

Voice on other end: Mr. President, this is Col. Azazelenov of the FSB.
My men have been going through a warehouse of old Soviet Red Army archives
containing stuff that was found in the Soviet Red Army’s search of Hitler’s Bunker
in Berlin back in May, 1945.
Anyways we found an old box earlier this year which our expert on ancient
languages said appeared to be written in ancient Tibetan insciptions.
We’ve had the darndest time trying to open the thing. And this morning we
finally succeeded. Mr. President, I think you should take a look at what’s inside.

To be continued.

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