Cheval Avec Les Marshmallows

October 27, 2008 at 2:27 pm (Detective story, Humour, Mystery)

 Cheval Avec Les Marshmallows

So I entered the restaurant.

Gov. Schwarzeneggar was attempting to pay his bill,
“Anyone know where I can get some extra credit?
The banks are locked up like a tight end on a gay
football team!”.

The lounge singer was singing the latest Hardy
Drew and Nancy Boys song, “There’s no one as
Irish as Barack O’bama.”

The French maitre’d directed me to a table.

What was a French maitre’d doing working in 
a Chinese restaurant?

“Tonight’s special, Monsieur, is Roasted
Cheval in an Orange Duck  and Marshmallow 
sauce,” he handed me a menu.

“I’ll try the special then,” I answered him.
I had never had Roasted Cheval before.
Although it had been a few years since
I had taken High School French. I couldn’t remember
what cheval was.

I looked around the restaurant.

There were a bunch of men (they all looked like
hairdressers) who wore t-shirts that said, “Vote
No to Proposition 8.” I noticed they all seemed 
to go to the men’s room together. On the table,
they were sharing a large fruit salad between them.

But no sign of a horse.

“Your Roasted Cheval in Orange Duck
and Marshmallow sauce, Monsieur,” the waiter brought
me the plate.

“Thanks,” I ate it. It was delicious.

I paid my bill in dimes and nickels which quite discombobulated
the cashier.

I walked out the restaurant door wondering where that
horse could have possibly got to.

It was then that I remembered what cheval meant in English.

“Murderer,” a group of protestors from PETA shouted.

Were they talking to me?

Or to Britney Spears who was walking down the street wearing
a fur coat in this hot muggy sultry weather?

To be continued.

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