Singularity And The Robotic Zombie

October 27, 2008 at 2:08 pm (Vampire novel)

 Singularity and The Robotic Zombie

“What is singularity?” reporter Akira Lane asked
the vampire hunter Dracul Van Helsing.

“Singularity?” Dracul Van Helsing’s voice 
sounded quizzical over the phone.

“Yes, and I’m not talking about being single,”
Akira laughed, “I’ve heard Singularity as a term
that is currently being talked about in philosophical 

“There’s a current branch of scientist-philosophers
who call themselves Transhumanists,” Dracul
Van Helsing explained, “Singularity is a term they
often use. Singularity is the term given to the point 
in our advancing science and technology where
either man and machine become one or where
a machine genuinely becomes more intelligent
than man or more powerful than man.”

“Really?” Akira Lane sounded incredulous.

“The advances in our science and technology are 
happening so fast, that these Transhumanist scientists
and philosophers think it will happen any day now,”
Dracul stated, “there really will be a cyborg with a human brain
or a computer where AI (artificial intelligence) and human
consciousness have joined together.”

“Why do they call themselves Transhumanists?” Akira Lane asked.

“Because they believe in the advent of the Transhuman,” Dracul
Van Helsing answered, “and really what the Transhuman is- is
the 21st Century term for the German ubermensch- the Nietzschean
superman. Naziism and Hitler’s Third Reich gave a bad name
to what these social Darwinist Nietzschean fascists believe
so they’re re-invented themselves and their terms.
The ubermensch and the Supermen of Nietsche are now called
Transhumans. Instead of the Superman advancing by wiping
out what they consider inferior classes of people, the
Transhumanists believe that the elite- those people who
should have the right to rule (for some reason these people
think it’s themselves) will instead be merged with immortal
machines and computers and they shall live forever and they shall
rule forever.”

“There are people who actually believe that?” Akira Lane asked.

“Let’s call one such person Richard Dawkins and another such
person Christopher Hitchens,” Dracul said, “this is what these
two militant atheists tell transhumanists when they’re speaking to
their fellow travellers. They are the new deities- the new gods of
the new age- who will have their brains merged with artificial
intelligence and live forever supposedly. That’s why they look 
down their noses at people who still believe in the existence 
of a supernatural God that exists outside the universe.  In
order for them to become the everlasting deities of the new
order of the Universe, there can’t exist any Supernatural
Creator or deity outside it because this might upset their
plans and they can’t have that.”

To be continued.

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