Nathan De Burgh Polar Bear Private Eye

November 17, 2008 at 7:37 pm (Poetry)

This is a poem I wrote today about a polar bear private
eye who lives at the North Pole not far from Santa
Claus and his toy workshop.

Nathan de Burgh was a polar bear
he had no need for long underwear
He lived on a berg made of ice
in a little igloo that was nice.

He was a private eye
this polar bear was
who claimed he was
Philip Marlow’s cuz.

One day as he was sitting in his office
reading the works of Thomas Malthus
a penguin knocked at his door
and Nathan hit the floor.

“You’re a long way from home?”
said Nathan the bear.
“Indeed,” said the penguin
in his tuxedo wear.

From South Pole to North Pole
the penguin had come
accompanied by huskies
and a bottle of rum.

“What brings you here?
So far to so near?”
Nathan drank
his ginger beer.

Swatting aside some whirling dervishes,
the penguin replied,
I’m seeking your services.

To be continued.

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Jack O’ Hare and Tiny Tim

November 17, 2008 at 7:33 pm (Poetry)

Jack O’Hare and Tiny Tim

Jack O’ Hare is the name I have given a
jack rabbit that lives in my back yard.

Tiny Tim is the name I have given a squirrel that
lives in my back yard.

Although neither my dad nor I have seen Jack 
O’Hare for a while, we often see Tiny Tim
leaping from tree to tree hoarding apples
and pine cones.

Jack O’Hare and Tiny Tim

In the autumn chill, trees are bare
still no sign of Jack O’Hare
oh where has gone my big-earred furry friend
with a big tail on his rear-end?

Oh Tiny Tim do you know
as you watch the North winds blow
from your tree so high
from which you observe 
ground and sky?

Any sign of a mad hopper
eating the lettuce
cause it’s so topper
well Tim as you sit and grapple
carrying your big load apple
say hello to Jack for me
as you guard the yard
up in your tree.

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