Part 2 Nathan De Burgh Polar Bear Private Eye

December 23, 2008 at 2:49 pm (Humour, Poetry)

Said the penguin, I am a singer
also a part-time bell ringer
I was to sing at Obama’s inaugural ball
day after election, I got the call
my manager nearly hit the walll.

But something happened, alas, alas
I need to take epsom salts for my gas
somebody has stolen my singing voice
over this, my showerhead did rejoice.
Who do you think stole your voice?
Nathan did inquire
while the penguin danced
like his pants were on fire.

Somebody at the North Pole I suspect
a certain elf gives me no respect
He put coal in my stockings last year
which caused a rash in my rear
now I always look before I put on stockings
I’m a Knight of the Garter
isn’t that shocking?

Nathan took some aspirin off the shelf
washed it down with water,
“What’s the name of this elf?”.

His name is Antonio Flavius
certainly a pain in the avius
He works for Santa
sometimes Banta
He makes loads of toys
for good girls and boys.

To be continued.

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