Part 5 Nathan De Burgh Polar Bear Private Eye

December 23, 2008 at 3:00 pm (Humour, Poetry)

Nathan looked up holding his cup
with steak and kid for sup
he was in a British pub
yes at the North Pole 
aye there’s the rub
and as elves came out of the tub
there was lots of soap suds
as Nathan ate his spuds.

One of the elves stopped to whistle
a sound to make mistletoes shrivel
“that doesn’t sound like an elfen voice!”,
Nathan looked up from reading his James Joyce.

He grabbed a beer from the barmaid Jenna
and looked up at an antenna
GPS would indicate
music copyright syndicate.

The elf’s whistle was Dan Pengin’s voice,
Nathan put down his James Joyce
and pulled a gun out of his underwear
this Ramboesque polar bear.

“Hands up Flavius
you pain in the avius.”

To be continued.

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