Part 6 Nathan De Burgh Polar Bear Private Eye

December 23, 2008 at 3:05 pm (Humour, Poetry)

And so Flavius was taken to court
with handcuffs, grunts and a snort
The judge on the bench was Santa
Prosecuting attorney was Banta
For the defense
was Maj. Spence
but despite his impersonation of Perry Mason
and some lying seagulls bussed from the station
the defense all came to nought
like a leopard trying to change his spot.

And Flavius is sentenced to bed
this coming Christmas Eve.
His replacement?
The elf called Steve.

And so in Santa’s sleigh
the night before Christmas Day
there will be no Antonio Flavius
nor any sudden hiccavius
(that’s reindeerese for hiccoughs)
from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
nor Comet nor Blitzen drinking beer.
What is the cause of Rudolph’s red shiny nose?
Licking beer off Antonio Flavius’ toes!

And so Nathan De Burgh is the hero of the hour
and despite the penguin’s voice being sour
sing he will for Obama
not to mention
any future telerama.
And now ’tis the end
of our little drama
and we must bid adieu
to you and you
but on Christmas Eve
watch out for reindeer pooh!

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