Isis Speaks

February 11, 2011 at 9:41 pm (Vampire novel)

Magog Rhys Petley the Welsh Labour MP was in a private room of a high class London lounge drinking himself into a drunken stupour.

“I’ve failed in my mission,” he blubbered over and over again, “I’ve failed in my mission. No more buttermilk for me. Only whisky… Nancy Whisky… Nancy O… God, I sound like a drunken Irishman…”

“You sound more like a drunken Welshman to me,” the voice of actor Sir Anthony Hopkins piped up from the other private room next door.

“He speaks the truth,” Magog Rhys Petley addressed the wallet-sized photo of Karl Marx that was on the table in front of him, “he speaks the truth.”

Magog Rhys Petley then passed out.

* * *

The Egyptian vampiress Isis stood in her favourite red dress atop the Eiffel Tower.

She clicked her red spiked stilettos as she walked back and forth along the Tower platform.

She loved this view of Paris from up here.

Paris… her city.

She watched intelligence reports coming in from all over the world to her iPhone.

“So it appears that a British werewolf has failed,” Isis laughed, “well where Magog Rhys Petley has failed, Isis will succeed.”

Isis dialed a private phone number on her iPhone.

“Hello?” the voice at the other end spoke with some trepidation when he answered.

“President Mubarak,” Isis smiled a sweet sensual vampiric smile and licked her glistening fangs, “this is Isis.”

* * *

2 minutes later, President Hosni Mubarak sent a text message to his Vice-President Omar Suleiman announcing that he President Mubarak would be stepping down and would Vice-President Suleiman please inform the Egyptian nation?

* * *

Jubilation and cheering in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

* * *

“I don’t want to go to school today,” Magog Rhys Petley muttered in his sleep as someone banged on the door of the private room he was in at the upscale London lounge.

To be continued.

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