Qonzilqointec and The Comet

March 12, 2011 at 11:38 pm (Mystery, Vampire novel) ()

The Aztec Vampire Princess Qonzilqointec was on her ranch in the desert hills.

A ranch where the night sky was not blinded by the bright lights or the smog of Mexico City where she lived in her penthouse apartment.

Here on her ranch was her own astronomical observatory where she observed the stars and the planets and awaited the return of her spiritual godfather Quetzalcoatl from Saturn’s moon Titan in the year 2012.

On this early March evening, as she stood in a regal gold evening dress and serpent emblazoned golden spiked stiletto high-heels, she observed the solar system in her liquid mercury reflecting telescope.

She remarked to her valet Javier, “Do you see this comet that’s approaching Earth, Javier?”.

“I do, your Highness,” Javier bowed, “I do not recall hearing or reading about such a comet in the news.”

“That’s because, Javier,” Qonzilqointec smiled and flashed her white glistening vampiric fangs, “this observatory of mine is the only astronomical observatory in the world that can see this comet approach.”

The comet grew closer and closer to Earth with each passing second.

To be continued.

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