A Channel For Horus

March 26, 2011 at 8:49 pm (Vampire novel) (, , , )

Trevor Fontaine was an investment banker and one of the world’s biggest financiers.

But a man who remained in the shadows and operated behind the scenes.

Trevor Fontaine was also a vampire.

He had been turned into a vampire back in the early 1940s by the Egyptian vampiress Isis.

When Isis first discovered him in New York City back in the early ’40s, Fontaine was a promising young con man and swindler who worked as a used car salesman.

Fontaine had thought about going into politics but Isis talked him into a world of even greater power- the world of finance and investment banking.

Trevor Fontaine managed Isis’ financial portfolio and dealt with billions and billions of dollars every day.

When the global financial meltdown of autumn 2008 hit, Isis’ financial portfolio remained pretty much intact (unlike Isis’ brother and brother-in-law the evil Egyptian vampire billionaire Set who had spent a couple of years as a mere multi-millionaire evil vampire rather than a billionaire evil vampire after the ’08 global economic meltdown. It was only a lucky bet on Spain winning the World Cup in South Africa and also marrying a vampiress who was the heiress to the Romanov billions that made Set a billionaire again).

And one of the reasons Isis’ financial portfolio remained intact was the astuteness of Trevor Fontaine.

In addition to his wise investment choices, Fontaine also served as the channel for the spirit of Isis’ dead son Horus.

Like his mother Isis, his father Osiris and his Uncle Set, Horus too had been turned into a vampire by the ancient Mesopotamian vampiress Lilith.

3000 years ago, Horus had buried his Uncle Set alive in a tomb in Egypt.

This after Set had used an ancient Egyptian black magic spell to exile his father Osiris to a planet near the star Sirius (although the spell did have an expiry date on it- the ancient Egyptian equivalent of 2012 A.D.).

Set’s tomb had been discovered in Egypt in 1918 and when the tomb was officially re-opened on November 11th, 1918 (which coincidentally was the same date as the Armistice which ended the hostilities of World War I), some Oxford trained Egyptologist had unwittingly allowed Set to escape and once again wreak havoc upon the world.

Horus as a vampire had been killed after being impaled with a wooden spear through the heart wielded by the great Roman general Pompey in 48 BC who hadn’t taken kindly to a remark Horus had made to him, “Pompey, I’ve known gods, I’ve met gods, Pompey, you’re no god.”

His decision to kill Horus led the Egyptian vampiress Isis to support Julius Caesar in the Roman Civil War against Pompey.

A factor that proved favourable to Caesar.

Pompey ended up being assassinated in Egypt on September 29th, 48 BC.

And now poor Horus’ spirit was confined to the Underworld.

But Trevor Fontaine’s mother had been a spiritist medium and her son inherited the gift.

So in addition to his financial savvy, Fontaine also had the ability to channel Horus for Isis.

Another factor that had led Isis to choose Fontaine as the de facto head of her financial empire.

Now Trevor Fontaine sat in his London hotel room anxious not to go outside lest he be confronted by demonstrators who were protesting British Prime Minister David Cameron’s severe austerity measures and public service cutbacks.

As a financier and investment banker, the crowd would not take too kindly to him.

To be sure, Fontaine was a shadowy figure not very well known to the public at large but there was always the possibility that someone out there might see and recognize his shadow.

To be continued.

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