Summoning The Ghost of Alexander VI The Borgia Pope

May 1, 2011 at 8:28 pm (Horror, Mystery, Mystery/horror, Theology, Vampire novel) (, , , , , , , , )

Having summoned Hitler’s ghost in Berlin the night before, Herr Hans flew to Rome the following day (Sunday, May 1st 2011) to perform his own little ceremony in opposition to Pope Benedict XVI’s beatification of Pope John Paul II.

At the same time as Benedict was beatifying John Paul, Herr Hans was at the tomb of the Borgia Pope Alexander VI in the Church of Santa Maria in Monserrato degli Spagnoli in Rome.

He was using the same Druidic book of black magic spells with which he had summoned Adolf Hitler’s ghost to summon the ghost of Rodrigo Lanzol Borgia (January 1st 1431- August 18th 1503) known to history as the notorious and infamous Pope Alexander VI (who reigned as Pope from August 11th 1492- August 18th 1503).

As the Church bells of Rome tolled at the announcement of John Paul II”s beatification, the ghost of Rodrigo Lanzol Borgia (Pope Alexander VI) appeared to a smiling Herr Hans.

Behind Borgia’s ghost was a horned figure who spoke the same words that Giovanni di Lorenzo de’ Medici (later Pope Leo X) spoke at the time of Rodrigo Lanzol Cardinal Borgia’s election as Pope Alexander VI,

“Now we are in the power of a wolf, the most rapacious perhaps that this world has ever seen. ”

Above the tomb of Alexander VI, these words were burned in the air (a paraphrase of the second sentence of Giovanni di Lorenzo de’ Medici’s statement upon Borgia’s election as Pope Alexander VI),

“And citizens of Urbi et Orbi (the city and the world) if you do not flee, he will inevitably devour you all.”

To be continued.

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