Of Jack O’ Hare and Don Quixote: A Poem

May 3, 2011 at 6:15 pm (Poetry) (, )

Under the apple tree in the Van Helsing Yard
Jack O’ Hare was inspired like the Bard
he closed his eyes
dreamed of sunrise
on ocean beaches and waveswept shores
in his mind’s eye
he saw Don Quixote ride
that chivalrous knight the world laughed to scorn
in an age that was cynical and honour forlorn
the Spanish knight fought giants and windmills
for a lady fair
though townsfolk called her “whore” in the village square
but as Christ saw that Mary Magdalene was so much more
so Quixote did not look on her with the eyes of a bore.

She was his Muse and his inspiration
leading him to fight battles with great perspiration
and finally on the day when Quixote died
’twas said about his horse
for one glorious time on this mount
Honour and Chivalry took one final ride.

-A poem about Jack O’ Hare and Don Quixote
written by Christopher Van Helsing, May 3rd 2011

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