Along A Distant Shore

May 8, 2011 at 7:34 pm (Commentary, Poetry) (, , , )

Quietly and stealthily along a distant shore
I walk towards my sweetheart
the one that I adore
standing there in white dress with green ribbon sash
her feet touching the waves that make a gentle splash.

Days are long
nights are longer
without the presence of you
as I sit at a table for one
and not a table for two.

The world rushes to and fro
and soon tomorrow becomes
today you know
why does time run faster on digital clocks
and hello too quickly becomes good-bye
in humanity’s talks.

Oh bring back the hourglass of time
when an hour was long and sublime
and the sands gently fell one by one
and sunset would not so quickly follow
the beautiful rising sun.

The world in all its madness speeds steadily on and on
and it seems before I know it
this spring and summer will be gone.

Oh strange paradox of this strange and wondrous time
the world seems to move so fast
like a cool hip-hop artist’s rhyme
and yet without you here
time seems to move so slowly
raising a solitary glass in cheer.

-A poem written by Christopher Van Helsing
Sunday evening, May 8th 2011

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