Demonic Spiritual Vampirism

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“Tonight our special guest at St. Alban’s Church is Canadian vampire hunter Dracul Van Helsing,” the Rev. Oswald Wainwright of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham stated, “and the topic he’ll be speaking on tonight is Demonic Spiritual Vampirism.”

“Thank you, Father Wainwright,” Dracul Van Helsing addressed the audience, “Christ told us not to fear those who kill the body but rather fear those with the ability to kill both body and soul in Hell.”

“Now with physical vampires, if they drain you of all your blood, they can kill your body. If they turn you into a vampire yourself, they can make both your body and soul suffer their same Hellish and nocturnal existence for possible long periods of time but the vampiric life itself does not last forever. If the vampire is evil, it can have its life ended by a vampire hunter according to a little known international law that was agreed on at the Congress of Vienna back in 1815.”

“Now what about vampires that can kill both body and soul? Well technically speaking, they are not vampires. They are demons or fallen angels. Hence tonight’s topic- demonic spiritual vampirism.”

“The problem with demonic spiritual vampirism is that it has innumerable human disciples. And the hardest demonic spiritual vampirism is that which tries to pose as an Angel of Light like the Apostle Saint Paul warned us about.”

“So in terms of demonic spiritual vampirism, what can it best be understood as in terms of human philosophy- in terms of its thinking among human beings? In the ancient past, demonic spiritual vampirism can be best understood under the term gnosticism. According to the ancient gnostics, the material world was evil. The material world was the creation of an evil demi-urge. So while according to the teaching of Biblical Christianity and orthodox Catholicism, the creation of the material world was a good thing and the creation of a good God, according to the gnostics, the material world was the creation of an evil Deity.”

“Again according to Biblical Christianity and orthodox Catholicism, Jesus Christ was the Incarnation of the good Deity- the Logos- the Word of God- who created the world- the Cosmos- according to the opening chapter of Saint John’s Gospel.

However that was not the Gnostic view of Christ. According to the Gnostics, Jesus and the Christ were not the same. Remember Saint John told us in his Epistles who ever denies that Jesus is the Christ is of the spirit of Antichrist. So gnostics as a group went back quite early – back to the lifetime of the Apostle John. And the Apostle John gave us his opinion of them and what spirit they operated under.

For the gnostics believed that Jesus operated under the guiding spirit of an emanation of the good God in the Cosmos. The gnostics believed that the good God would have nothing to do with matter. The good God would operate in the realm of spirit only. So the good God would have to reach down to the physical material world through a series of emanations of Himself. One emanation would create another emanation and so on and so forth.

It would only be an evil deity that would create a physical material world according to gnostic beliefs.

But when the evil deity created a material world and entrapped spirits in that world, the good God sent several sparks or emanations of Himself to rescue the entrapped Spirits by calling them to remembrance of their pre-material Creation selves.

How many different emanations of God entered the cosmos varied from group to group of gnostics. One early pseudo-Christian gnostic group had as many as 32 different emanations of the good God in the evil material cosmos.

Anyways the gnostic groups agreed that Jesus operated under one of these many emanations. And different names were given to that emanation by different gnostic groups.

Today’s contemporary gnostics- the New Age Movement- give the term Christ Consciousness to the emanation of the divine spark that fell on Jesus.

And today’s gnostics- the New Age Movement may not necessarily say that the material cosmos is evil. Some would say that it’s maya- or illusion- an adoption of Buddhist philosophy.

The material realm does not actually exist. Only the world of Spirit exists.

We just imagine that the physical material realm exists.

So within gnosticism- both ancient and contemporary New Age- there is contempt for the material physical realm- either regarding it as evil or regarding it as illusory.

And according to the near unanimous teaching of the Church Fathers, there was one spiritual being who did regard the material physical realm with sheer loathing and contempt. Who thought that God should not have created a physical material realm.

The name of that spiritual being was Lucifer.

And Theosophist founders Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Annie Besant and Alice A. Bailey (it was their ideas which gave birth to the modern New Age movement) agree.

For according to them, Lucifer was the true god and the good god.

Jehovah who created a material physical realm was an evil god.

Albert Pike who wrote Masonry’s most important book Morals and Dogma agreed that Lucifer was the good god and that Adonai (the god of the Old Testament) was the evil god.

Masonic historian Manly P. Hall agreed saying that “the Masonic adept has the seething energy of Lucifer in his hands.”

Of course some New Agers are not so blatant in proclaiming Lucifer as the good god.

Many are pantheistic in their philosophy- saying everything and everyone is god. They have god within them.

These particular groups of contemporary gnostics and New Agers who do not consciously say that Lucifer is the good god instead say that everything is god.

This idea is akin to the idea of the Force in George Lucas’ Star Wars movies.

There is a good side and a dark side to the Force.

So with these latter New Agers, there is a good side and a dark side to the pantheistic god of the cosmos.

These pantheistic New Agers hold to the maxim that “All is one” and that “god is within all things.”

Rather than pray to an external god out there, they seek to attune themselves with the god within.

The exponents of this philosophy include Richard Bach the author of the books Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Illusions and One and Eckhart Tolle the author of the books The Power of Now and A New Earth.

It is the ideology behind A Course In Miracles which sadly Oprah Winfrey has promoted.

A Course In Miracles was dictated to an atheistic psychologist Helen Schucman by a spirit who identified itself to her as Jesus.

So what do I see will be the end result of all this demonic spiritual vampirism- this idea that the physical material world is either evil or illusory and that God is not a personal being but an impersonal force that permeates the cosmos including ourselves- that god is within us?

I think the answer is to be found in George Orwell’s book Animal Farm.

When the animals’ revolution first overthrows Farmer Jones, the sign reads “All animals are equal”.

But when the farm ends up being run by a new hierarchical class- a committee of pigs- the sign is changed to “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

So today’s neo-gnostics and New Agers proclaim, “We are all god.”

But when the epitome of demonic spiritual vampirism- the Final Antichrist prophesied by Saint John in the Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse (also known as the Book of Revelation) arrives on the world stage in the not so distant future- it will change from “We are all god” to “One (the Antichrist) is more god than others” and this One will demand the personal worship of all who inhabit this planet Earth.”

-Dracul Van Helsing, May 30th 2011.

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