Masonry and The Coming Age of Osiris

June 26, 2011 at 10:05 pm (Vampire novel) (, )

Canadian vampire hunter Dracul Van Helsing entered the London fish and chips shop and noticed Amadeus Emanon the personal concert pianist to the billionaire ancient Egyptian vampire Set sitting at a table.

Dracul joined him, “So Amadeus, I hear your fellow employee and colleague Renfield R. Renfield finally awakened from his nearly 2-month long coma?”.

“Yes,” Amadeus nodded, “and the house has felt like a train wreck ever since.”

“Renfield does seem to bring chaos and havoc with him wherever he goes,” Dracul agreed.

“My boss Set often says, “Ordo ab chao,” Amadeus admitted, “so maybe that’s why the boss keeps Renfield around.”

“Ordo ab chao- order out of chaos,” Dracul smiled, “that’s one instance where your boss agrees with his rival brother and brother-in-law Osiris.”

“It is?” Amadeus looked quizzical, “I didn’t know that.”

“Yes, in fact that’s one of the Masonic mottoes Ordo ab chao,” Dracul said.

“The Masons do seem to be obsessed with Osiris for some reason,” Amadeus ate his battered cod, “a fact that pisses my boss off.”

“Yes, I just read a blog comment this morning by some sutra loving idiot who had his panties in a knot because he was outraged that Pope Benedict XVI as Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger had issued a document condemning Freemasonry back in 1983 and the sutra loving idiot was whining that this condemned America’s Founding Fathers- most of whom were Masons- as a bad thing,” Dracul smiled, “although as a Canadian whose country was founded by United Empire Loyalists, I don’t see why condemning the rebels against the Crown was a bad thing.”

“Why would Ratzinger condemn Masonry?” Amadeus asked.

“Because the Great Architect of the Universe (G.A.O.T.O.U.) whom Masons worship is Lucifer, a fact admitted by Scottish Rite Masonry’s highest authority Albert Pike in his book Morals and Dogma (a copy of which I own) and also admitted by Masonic historian Albert MacKey and likewise admitted by Masonic historian and philosopher Manly P. Hall,” Dracul replied.

“They worship the Devil?” Amadeus was astounded.

“Yes, they do,” Dracul said, “although they don’t think Lucifer is the Devil. They think the Judeo-Christian god YHWH is the Devil. Or more specifically, they’re pantheists. They see God as the Universal Force with Lucifer being the Light side of the Force while YHWH is the Dark side of the Force.”

“Sort of like George Lucas’ Star Wars,” Amadeus noted.

“Yes, the pantheism of Masonry is actually very similar to the theology of the Force in the Lucas films,” Dracul said, “and they think that Osiris is the most sublime manifestation of Luciferian light in history.”

“Really?” Amadeus was astounded.

“Yes, they think that Osiris was actually the one who built the Temple of Solomon for Solomon,” said Dracul, “although they call him Hiram Abiff in Masonic folklore and legend rather than Osiris. Which is why Masons want to see the Temple of Solomon rebuilt on the Temple Mount. And not a revamped 2nd Temple either. They want an exact replica of the 1st Temple- Solomon’s Temple. It must be Solomon’s Temple all over again.”

“Yes, the Masons seem to be obsessed with Solomon for some reason as well,” Amadeus scratched his chin.

“That’s because Solomon under the influence of his many foreign-born wives and concubines allowed ceremonies and rites to strange foreign gods to be said in the Temple of YHWH the god of his father David,” Dracul explained, “so in that way Solomon acted as history’s first ecumenist. The first interfaith and inter-religion dialogue guy. In its day, the Temple of Solomon under Solomon’s rule and reign acted like the New York City Episcopal Cathedral of Saint John the Divine of its day- worshipped all manner and all sorts of gods.”

“And this would appeal to Masons?” Amadeus asked.

“Yes, because upper level Freemasons believe that all religions are true,” explained Dracul, “or rather all religions are just pale shadows of the one true religion which they say is Masonry. The one true god is Lucifer the light side of the Universal God Force. And Osiris the purest manifestation of Luciferic light.”

“Don’t some Masons believe that Osiris will return in 2012?” Amadeus queried.

“That was a prophecy made by the Worshipful Master of George Washington’s own personal Masonic lodge back in the 1780s,” said Dracul, “and may explain the current fixation with the year 2012. That and the fact the Mayans ended their long calendar on the Gregorian calendar equivalent day of December 21st, 2012.”

To be continued.

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