Rap Song About Justin Bieber

August 17, 2011 at 6:56 pm (Poetry) (, , )

A friend of mine Kriztina in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia suggested to me last night I should try to write a rap song about Justin Bieber after I had written a rap song about movie character Freddy Krueger last night.

So I gave it a shot.

The rap song is not totally about Justin Bieber- there’s references to other cultural pop icons and contemporary happenings in international geopolitics as well- not to mention a reference to a personal family situation involving a dispute over my late father’s Estate.

How come so many people be hatin’ Justin Bieber?
After all he’s Canadian like the beaver
for Canadians are a mild-mannered folk
those on the West Coast like to toke
but it ain’t because of marijuana Dracul is moving to Vancouver
it be because some family members were born in a sewer.

But returnin’ to the subject of Justin Bieber
who some bad cats would like to hit with a cleaver
why yo’all pickin’ on this guy?
Jealous cause he makes teen-aged girls sigh?

Now Bashar Assad who mows down his own people
while erectin’ pics of himself higher than a steeple
now surely that would be reason to hate his guts
but to hate Justin Bieber because of his singin’
hate to tell you but you’re simply nuts.

Then you got down on Rebecca Black
cause she got down on Friday
hearing her sing
made you cryday.

Sure the song ain’t no masterpiece
but does that give you the right
to try to dispose of her like grease?

Hey world you got your priorities wrong
instead of hatin’ people because of their song
why don’t you act like a big man and be truly strong
there’s a famine in northeast Africa
children there may not live long
get your Bieber and Black hatin’ head out of your ass
stand up be a real man and show some true class
put your money where your mouth is
and do some true good helpin’ starvin’ kids.

-A rap song written by Christopher Dracul Van Helsing
Wednesday evening August 17th 2011

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