Dreams of The Ocean

August 20, 2011 at 9:13 pm (Poetry) ()

Swish! Swish!
The sound of the waves
as they prodded the shore
Splash! Splash!
went the dolphins galore.

A summer night in August
as stars drop their stardust
and the moon shines her glow
on the waters below.

Oh palm trees that sway
on the beach of the bay
this glorious night
this harbour bright.

That was the night you came to me
the mermaid that came out of the sea
you kissed my lips
and pressed my fingertips.

I know you are but a dream
nothing be what it seem
but I feel your touch
for I can dream.

-A poem written on an August night far from the ocean
by Christopher Van Helsing,
Saturday evening August 20th 2011

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