Johnny Cash vs. Belial Mammon

September 29, 2011 at 5:12 pm (Poetry) (, , , , )

Johnny Cash vs. Belial Mammon
Country music and heavy metal in a duet together
Inspired by a poetry contest between
@RestlessButterfly and @CorvyusMorte

Johnny Cash : Down by the old oak tree
tranquil waters flowed free
in my sunlit youth
full of dreams forsooth…

Belial Mammon: Down by that fucking tree
where I lost my virginity
into that bloody stream
severed bodies I threw

Johnny Cash: It was there that fine June morn
Dad had just sewn oats and corn
that I saw you standing there
sunlight sparkling in your hair

Belial Mammon: It was night, no fucking morn
I was surfing cyberporn
into the moonlight you appeared
with your silk lingerie tattered rear

Johnny Cash: I fell in love I must admit
when I invited you to sit
we danced those summer nights away
skies were blue, no sign of gray

Belial Mammon: I pulled my pants down on the spot
my cock penetrated your moist twat
you turned over and offered your rear
which I sodomized until day appear

Johnny Cash: And on that autumn day in church
you left me standing in the lurch
for all that stood before that altar
was the minister and my best man Walter.

Belial Mammon: When you fucked the drummer in my band
and told him my semen tasted like sand
I killed you before my goat’s head altar
told it you were a virgin, what a ‘holler.

Johnny Cash: And now every day I cry and cry
my tears to me a sweet lullaby
you broke my heart, you done me wrong
all that’s left for me is to sing this song.

Belial Mammon: And your blood I licked it all up
like drops in a communion cup
on your bits of flesh I did feast
your pussy tasted like yeast.

-A duet written for a country music and heavy metal singer
written by Christopher Dracul Van Helsing
Thursday afternoon September 29th 2011.

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