The 11-11-11 Massacre At The Nocturnal Club

November 11, 2011 at 9:27 pm (Vampire novel) (, , , , )

It was 11:11 PM at the Nocturnal Club- a nightclub for vampires and vampiresses.

The cloak check girl at the desk looked at the gentleman with moustache and glasses.

She didn’t really recognize him.

He must be new to the vampiric lifestyle she figured.

He didn’t really have a reference for entering the club.

But she admired the man’s gold cufflinks.

And today’s date was 11-11-11: a day that only happened once a century.

So why not let him in to the Club’s 11-11-11 party?

The man entered the club and looked around at all the vampires and vampiresses dancing.

Suddenly the man ripped off his moustache and threw the glasses to the floor.

From underneath his jacket he pulled out a semi-automatic Crossbow loaded with Holy Water blessed silver arrows.

“Dracul Van Helsing!” the vampires and vampiresses shouted to their horror.

Van Helsing began firing in all directions.

Vampire hit the floor.

Vampiress hit the floor.

All vanished into dust.

When it was all over, the club was empty save for the figure of the Vampire Hunter.

Van Helsing looked around at the dust and commented, “Looks like this place could use a good sweeping and vacuuming.”

He grabbed his crossbow and walked out into the night.

And the date 11-11-11 would become for vampires and vampiresses what 9/11 was for the American people and what February 14th 1929 was for prohibition era gangsters.

To be continued.

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