Letting Go

June 26, 2012 at 5:35 pm (Poetry) ()

We are advised to let go of our anger
but we can’t seem to let it go.
We are told to forgive
and yet we have trouble forgiving.
We seem beset by jealousy and envy
we fret about the past
worry about the future
and stand indecisive in the present
all our thinking positively
doesn’t seem to really create
a positive reality.
We say mantras
and exchange feel-good thoughts
with one another
but deep down in the recesses of our souls,
do we really feel we’re changing?
Are we improving?
The line,
“Every day in every way,
I’m getting better and better”
seem words spoken
by the ostrich of our souls-
wearing rose-coloured glasses
whilst our heads are buried in the sand.
Are we sick?
Is there something wrong with us?
Christ said, “Those who are well need not a physician but those that are sick.”
The fact that Christ did come to Earth
answers that question,
Are we sick? Is there something wrong with us?

-written by Christopher Van Helsing
Tuesday, June 26th 2012

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