Skull and Bones of Richard III Found and Identified

February 4, 2013 at 7:00 pm (Commentary) (, , , )

Skull and Bones of Richard III Found and Identified

A skeleton found beneath a Leicester car park in England has been confirmed as that of English king Richard III.

The discovery was made in a city council car park back in August 2012.

DNA testing from the University of Leicester confirmed the skeleton as being that of England’s King Richard III who was portrayed as an arch villain in William Shakespeare’s play Richard III.

Rumour has it that the skull when dug up in the car park said, “A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!” while in the background a worker’s radio played the Joni Mitchell song, “… paved paradise and put up a parking lot”.

-A commentary written by Christopher Van Helsing
Monday, February 4th 2013

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