The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre Rap

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The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre Rap

(to be sung to the tune of any rap song since they all sound the same anyway)



There was a mobster named Al Capone

a mobster without a cell phone

namely because they hadn’t been invented yet

but Capone always took what he could get

He lived in the Prohibition era

before the days of Mariah Cara

I know that’s supposed to be ‘e-y

but heck I’m a rhyming guy

but back to Chicago and Capone’s tie

was quite big

for an Italian gig

who hated Moran’s Irish jig.

Now Bugsy Moran controlled the North Side

Irish mobsters took people for a ride

and Capone controlled the South Side

no one could tan his Italian hide.



Well ’twasn’t long before the big show down

which certainly outshot any bordello blow down

It was Saint Valentine’s Day

and Big Al said Hey

let’s give Bugsy a little present 

and I’m not talking roast pheasant.

For 7 of Moran’s boys

it wasn’t pleasant

they were mowed down like a feudal peasant

mowed down with sub-machine guns

with Capone’s boys moving like they had the runs.


It was 1929 that they bit the dust

same year the markets went bust

Now Capone really knew how to cross the line

when he said to Bugsy Moran,

you’re my Bloody Valentine.


-A poem about the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre

 which occurred February 14th 1929

 when 7 members of Bugsy Moran’s 

 North Side Irish Gang

 were gunned down in a garage in North Chicago

 by members of Al Capone’s South Side Italian Gang

 -written by Christopher

  Thursday Night February 14th 2013

   St. Valentine’s Day 2013.



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