ETs Are On Their Way

June 1, 2013 at 1:08 am (Vampire novel) (, , , , , , , )

Out in deep space an extraterrestrial spacecraft is heading towards a small and seemingly insignificant planet in the universe.


The spacecraft is manned (if “manned” is indeed the right word to use) by mysterious and frighteningly sinister looking reptilian creatures.


The “captain” of the vessel sits in his chair directing his crew.


The navigator asks, “Maintain course?”.


“Maintain course,” the captain replies.


“Where are we headed?” asks the ship’s lieutenant.


“Earth,” the Captain replies.


“Any particular place on Earth?” the lieutenant queries.


“Syria,” the Captain replies.


“Do you think the Enemy will engage us and prevent our return to Earth like he has numerous times before?” the lieutenant asked.


“We’ll see,” the Captain shrugged, “our brethren below the surface of the Earth are itching to return to the surface and we’ll do what we can to help them. This time I think victory will be ours.”



                                     *      *      *


Pope Francis was praying in his small chapel in the Vatican.


He was praying that many people all over the world would accept his invitation and pray with him at the exact same time all over the world this coming Sunday June 2nd.


For he felt the world was very much in need of prayer at this particular moment in time.



To be continued.

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