Haiku About Restless Butterfly

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Haiku About Restless Butterfly

Here is a haiku I wrote about my friend Kriztina who lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  She writes a blog at Xanga under the name RestlessButterfly.

Restless Butterfly
Malaysia’s priceless jewel
a monarch with wings

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Haiku About L. M. Ross

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Haiku About L. M. Ross

The following is a Haiku about my friend Lin.  Lin is a New York City bartender who is also an accomplished poet and novelist.  He writes under the name L. M. Ross.  His most recent novel Like Litter In The Wind is available for sale at Amazon.com 

Here then is my haiku about the New York bartender poet laureate L. M. Ross:

New York bartender
mixing words with rhythm makes
tonic for the soul

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Haiku Inspired By Shakespeare’s Scottish Play

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Haiku Inspired By Shakespeare’s Scottish Play

The Lady MacBeth
tries to Shout it out like ad
but damn spot remains

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Haiku About Sherlock Holmes

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Haiku About Sherlock Holmes

Mister Sherlock Holmes
out of London’s mists and fog
great mind for all time

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Haiku About Don Quixote

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Haiku About Don Quixote

Old Don Quixote
battling windmills in an age
twilight night of knights

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Haiku Inspired By Victor Hugo Novel

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Haiku Inspired By Victor Hugo Novel

Young Quasimodo
most recognize him by hunched back
but face rings a bell

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Haiku About Headless Horseman

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Haiku About The Headless Horseman

Horseman was riding
lost his head in pumpkin patch
mind now sleep hollow

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Haiku Inspired By Greek Mythology

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Haiku Inspired By Greek Mythology

Medusa Gorgon
having really bad hair day
used snake oil shampoo

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Haiku I Wrote About Jesus

August 23, 2013 at 12:56 am (Poetry, Theology) (, , , , , , )

Haiku I Wrote About Jesus

Lord Jesus on Cross
his arms nailed but outstretched
Love embraces in pain

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Vampiress Isis Throws Temper Tantrum

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Vampiress Isis Throws Temper Tantrum

The Paris-based Egyptian vampiress Isis (sister and sister-in-law to the London based billionaire ancient Egyptian vampire Set) was having a temper tantrum when she heard the news that Pope Francis was going to consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary this coming October 13th. To add insult to injury, the famous Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima would be in Rome on the dates October 12th to 13th on hand for the Consecration.

Isis’ English butler and valet Cedarman tried to console his mistress but she threw a spiked stiletto high-heeled shoe at him.

“Well there goes an old Christmas gift given to my lady from former Philippines First Lady Imelda Marcos,” Cedarman thought to himself.

“Why?  Why?  Why?”  Isis sobbed causing her ancient Egyptian mascara to flow down both cheeks in a seeming parting of a blue sea as opposed to a Red Sea,  “is Pope Francis consecrating the world to Mary instead of to me?  I’m the Queen of the Cosmos… not that… that… that… that virgin.”  She spat out the word  putting a nasty stain on her 50,000 euro handmade Persian carpet.

“Well,” Cedarman soothed, “according to a certain variety of Fundamentalist Protestant, you and the Virgin Mary are one and the same, the Pope is the Antichrist and the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon.”

“I don’t care what those idiots think,” Isis bit her vampiric fangs down on her lip causing her lips to bleed adding further stains to her 50,000 Euro Persian carpet, “I am not the same as the Mother of Jesus.  She is called the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Blessed Mother.”

Isis threw her other Imelda Marcos given spiked stiletto high heeled shoe at Cedarman.

“She prophesied to her cousin Elizabeth that behold from henceforth, all generations would call her blessed,” Isis shrieked,  “if she’s blessed, what does that make me?”.

“Shoeless perhaps?” Cedarman held up one of Imelda Marcos’ gifts that had been thrown at him.

The lovely, shapely and highly attractive vampiress took off her lavender coloured evening dress and tried to strangle Cedarman with it.

Peering at the spectacle through his high-powered binoculars, the Paris police detective (who had been ordered by his superiors to watch the vampiress’ apartment the past few nights)  started to hyperventilate with excitement.

As Saddam Hussein’s ghost observed and commented, it was the mother of all climaxes.

To be continued.

-A vampire novel chapter
 written by Christopher
 Friday August 16th

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