CIA Front Working As Property Restoration Company In Canada

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“You know when you go through the files that Edward Snowden leaked,” Renfield R. Renfield grinned at Amadeus Emanon, “you realize what a bunch of crooks the U.S. government actually are and how paranoid they are. Listening in to the political leaders of countries that are supposedly their allies and eavesdropping on ordinary citizens in those countries. And it’s amazing the lengths the CIA will go to eavesdrop. Like take the example of this CIA front mentioned in the Snowden documents that operates as a property restoration company in Canada.”

“Property restoration company?” Amadeus Emanon blinked.

“Yes it’s called Belfor Restoration- one of these companies that go in after a flood or fire or some sort of property damage takes place in a house or apartment or business and goes in and fixes things up.” Renfield said, “the only thing is Belfor Restoration adds something a little extra – listening and monitoring devices within the place of the people who hired them to do the work.”

“But surely people who’ve suffered flood or fire or whatever aren’t all terrorists,” Amadeus pointed out.

“Of course not,” Renfield acknowledged, “but you’re dealing with the government of a nation that’s increasingly paranoid and suspicious of everyone around the word. So the CIA and all its fronts have the same deranged paranoid mindset. Operating behind the facade of a property restoration company just so they can go in and plant listening and monitoring devices within ordinary people’s homes and businesses.”

“Wow,” Amadeus shook his head.

“I wonder if Calgary, Alberta, Canada will become George Orwell’s 1984 society for the 21st Century,” Renfield reflected.

“Why that place?” Amadeus asked.

“Well they had a massive flood take place this past summer,” Renfield pointed out, “not to mention flooding that hit other towns and cities in southern Alberta. If Belfor Restoration is hired by a whole bunch of people and insurance companies to do the restoration on their property, southern Alberta will become one vast CIA listening post.”

“Wow, terrifying,” Amadeus finished his glass of kool-aid and then checked it to make sure the glass wasn’t labelled Jonestown Guyana.

“Welcome to the 21st Century,” Renfield chuckled.

On the TV behind them, a commercial showed the All-Seeing Eye of Horus in its ad.


-A vampire novel chapter

  written by Christopher

  Friday November 1st 2013

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