Jack’s Visit To Galway Bay

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Jack’s Visit To Galway Bay

Jack was enjoying his visit to Galway Bay.

He loved Ireland.

As he stood on the wet sandy beach, he looked across the shore and saw the village of Claddagh on the other side of the Bay.

He could see the moon rising over Claddagh.

He smiled.

He then turned his gaze towards the far western edges of the Bay.

And the sun was setting on Galway Bay.

It was like that old Irish song he loved so well- Galway Bay- whose lyrics went, “… you can sit and watch the moon rise over Claddagh and see the sun go down on Galway Bay.”

How wonderful Jack thought.

The lyrics of that song come to life.

He was actually seeing the moon rise over Claddagh.

And actually seeing the sun go down on Galway Bay.

Jack was happy.

He was glad he had lived to see this moment in his lifetime.

“Jack, Jack,” a woman’s distant voice called out to him.

The voice seemed to be getting closer, “Jack. Jack.”

Jack felt a shaking on his shoulder.

It was Jackie.

He was in bed.

It had all been a dream.

Yet such a realistic dream.

It was almost as if…

As if…

As if he knew not what…

“Wake up sleepyhead,” it was Jackie again, “we’ve got to catch the plane. You’ve got an important speech to give in Dallas today. Remember?”.

Jack looked at the date on the desktop calendar on the bureau alongside the bed.

Friday November 22.

Dallas awaits.

He heard a banging on the bedroom door.

It was the White House valet’s voice, “Mr. President. Mr. President. Time to get up…”

Jack headed for the bathroom to shower.

He was thankful he had such a beautiful dream this morning.

For he had the feeling it was going to be an eventful day.

Dallas awaited.

-A short story
written by Christopher
Friday November 22nd

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