Yesterday And Today

December 27, 2013 at 4:04 pm (Commentary, Poetry) (, , , )

Yesterday and Today

Little Johnny had a dream
He went to school
and there was a new principal
A school assembly was held.
The new principal said,
“There’s yesterday’s world
and today’s world
And fast approaching on the horizon
is tomorrow’s world…
Yesterday we had many wise persons in the world
To whom we asked questions
and sought answers.
Yesterday we had many encyclopedias in the world.
Yesterday we had many leaders
in the world.
Today we have ONE wise person in the world to whom we ask questions and seek answers… Google.
Today we have ONE encyclopedia in the world… Wikipedia.
Today… well sadly…
But tomorrow we shall have ONE leader for the whole world…
The children in Johnny’s school shouted “Hail.”
And children all over the world shouted “Hail” in their own language
(in Germany they shouted Sieg Heil)…

… the echoes of voices of many yesterdays past seemed to fade away…

… voices that had once shouted…

… Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Fuhrer…

… they just faded away…

… or maybe they had merged with the new voices that shouted…

… ONE world…

… ONE humanity…

… ONE leader…

-A poem written by Christopher
Friday December 27th

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