The Dolphin and The Bottle of Rum

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The Dolphin and The Bottle of Rum

There was a dolphin in the water looking glum
When he spotted on the beach some Captain Morgan’s rum
He went over and took a sip
followed by many a quick nip
He soon was feeling very happy
no longer down and sappy
He soared over waves and danced in the air
just a playful dolphin without a care
he passed by a man in his underwear
I say said the man who was a pirate
but I seem to have lost my pirate kit
inside was a bottle of Captain Morgan’s rum
now asking a dolphin this may seem dumb
But by chance have you seen it?
Need rum before I throw a fit!
The dolphin turned red
then turned and fled
shouting in the air I am not a crook
leaving the painfully sober Captain Hook.

-A poem written by Christopher
Saturday March 8th 2014



  1. kp152 said,


  2. Mike said,

    Careful – your sharp narrative wit is showing…

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