My Theory On What Might Have Happened To Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

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My Theory On What Might Have Happened To Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

One of my favourite TV shows is the show Elementary that stars Jonny Lee Miller as a modern Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as a female Dr. Watson.

Sherlock Holmes in books and in the movies and now on television has always been a role model for me.

Once when I posted a comment about Sherlock Holmes on a FB acquaintance’s status, this guy insulted Sherlock Holmes saying Chuck Norris was way better so I unfriended him and haven’t friended him back since which shows how much I like Sherlock Holmes.

Anyways the new show Elementary shows how criminals use the super advanced technology of this decade (which most of us are unaware of since technology is changing and developing so fast nowadays- as the Prophet Daniel predicted- Knowledge shall be increased to and fro) to try to get away with their crimes.

So it’s having watched this show which probably led me to come up with this theory.

That and all sorts of peculiar things I’ve been noticing with computers and on-line networking sites and digital age electronics the past few weeks.

When I first read that 20 employees of the Texas based international company Freescale Semiconductor were on Flight MH370, I remember that bothered me extremely when I read it and I couldn’t help shaking off the feeling that somehow that was significant.

That and the past few days how the world’s best aviation experts have been totally baffled by the plane’s mysterious disappearance.

So that started me wondering if whatever forces are at play here is something totally new and that’s why the world’s best in the fields of aviation are totally at loss for an explanation here.

So I decided to google Freescale Semiconductor and read and see what sort of work it is they do exactly.

Freescale has operations in 20 countries including Malaysia and China.

Freescale has a facility that operates in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

The facility opened in 1972 and is specifically designed for the manufacturing and testing of microprocessors, digital signal processors and integrated radio circuits.

The 20 Freescale staff who were aboard MH320 were flying to China to work at a Freescale facility there.

But here is where it really gets interesting as far as my theory goes:

Freescale Semiconductor also owns Freescale RF which does work on behalf of the U.S. aerospace and Defence sector.

Their work there involves designing technology and equipment for battlefield communications, avionics (which are the electronics systems used on aircraft, satellites and spacecraft), missile guidance and electronic warfare.

Now it’s strange that 20 employees of a firm whose work in technology could be used to bring down a plane happened to be on board a plane that mysteriously disappeared.

Now in my vampire novel where the ancient Egyptian vampire Set, the Egyptian Vampiress Isis and the Aztec vampire princess Qonzilqointec battle one another for world domination, there’s a lot of intrigue and international espionage going on.

And things happen which the world doesn’t understand but there is a message being sent to one of the other world players that the player fully understands what the meaning of this event or action means for him or her.

Now suppose some of the world’s leading powers are involved in a race to be able to electronically bring down an aircraft, satellite or spacecraft leaving behind no trace of their diabolical form of electronic espionage and warfare.

How do you convey to the other powers involved in this race that you’ve become the first to master this technology?

By giving a demonstration of the Promethian titanic power you now hold in your hands.

Now suppose both the United States government and China are involved in this particular technological race (which they probably are).

One of the companies that may be helping out both the U.S. and China in this race is Freescale.

And suppose some of the engineers and technicians involved in this research are flying together on a plane from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing?

LOL ! thinks one of the individual power players who has achieved this technology first.

“I’ll use it to bring down this plane that has some of my rival competitors’ workers on board!”

And so Flight MH370 goes down without a trace.

The flight’s black box recorder has been totally disabled and is unable to send out tracking signals.

All communication to and from the cockpit disabled.

The plane totally vanishes off the radar.

Hundreds of innocent people die in addition to the Freescale employees.

But heck when you’re power hungry bent on world domination using the latest in technology and electronic warfare at your disposal that’s not going to bother you any.

And so that’s my theory.


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