The Rabbi’s Dream

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The Rabbi’s Dream

Rabbi Jacob lay in bed in his Jerusalem apartment.

He had had an interesting conversation with a member of his synagogue congregation that day.

Rabbi Jacob did not know that the man was the mysterious and elusive Mossad figure that was known only as the Controller of the Golem.

For there were very few people in Israel that knew the identity of the Controller of the Golem.

But now Rabbi Jacob slept.

And he dreamed.

. . .

In the dream, Rabbi Jacob saw the huge plane on the ground.

Armed men were forcing the crew and the passengers off the plane.

Men were talking.

Rabbi Jacob did not understand their tongue.

But it was as if God gave him the power to understand their language…

“It was able to escape radar detection everywhere,” a man smiled, “a few blips here and there on a few radar screens but not much.”

“Well,” said the man dressed in a General’s uniform, “work on it. Where this plane is now going with Allah’s chosen martyrs on board, we must have absolute zero radar detection.”

“And seeing as how this plane belongs to a nation made up of fellow believers in Allah and his Prophet, ” said the man dressed in a lab coat befitting a scientist (which he was), “the world will blame the Great Satan and the little Satan for this action.”

“And especially the target we’re going to hit and destroy using this plane,” the General smiled, “the world will really blame the Great Satan and the little Satan for it.”

. . .

Rabbi Jacob gathered that what he saw in the dream happened several days past.

Now his dream shifted to the future to a few days hence…

The huge Boeing 777-200 ER flew straight towards the world’s most famous golden dome… the Dome of the Rock… on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. . .

Rabbi Jacob caught the name on the side of the plane before it hit the Dome…

… Malaysia…

The force of the plane’s hitting totally obliterated the Dome.

It also brought down the walls of the nearby al-Aqsa mosque as well killing believers at prayer.

The Dome of the Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque were no more…

And a certain group of Jewish believers took hold of the Temple Mount after the destruction and demanded that with the Dome and the Mosque now gone…

… that Solomon’s Temple be re-built…

… such an action would lead the entire Muslim world to war against Israel…

… which is what the General on the ground in Rabbi Jacob’s dream had in mind all along…

To be continued.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Wednesday March 19th


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