Ancient Dreamcatcher

May 13, 2014 at 5:52 pm (History, Mystery, Short Story, The Supernatural) (, , , , )

Ancient Dreamcatcher

The year was 1986.

The KGB agent stationed in Dresden East Germany was paying a visit to East Berlin.

There from a street corner vendor he bought a very old Native American dream catcher.

How the vendor got ahold of this ancient dream catcher he did not say.

The dream catcher was Lakota Sioux in origin although neither the vendor nor the KGB agent knew that.

It had been purchased back in the 1930s by an influential German who loved American western novels and thought it would be nice to have an authentic western Native American relic.

The man kept it in his room where he imagined it caught his dreams.

Later the dream catcher was lost until the street vendor found it in a pile of rubble.

The KGB agent put away the dream catcher upon his return to Dresden and forgot all about it.

. . .

The former KGB agent returned to Moscow from Sochi where he had attended the opening ceremonies of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

He decided to open an old trunk he kept in his office- that contained various souvenirs he had collected over the years.

In the trunk, he came across the old and very ancient Dream Catcher he had purchased from the street vendor in East Berlin back in 1986.

He remembered the incident and the old street vendor.

He decided to hang the Dream Catcher in his bed room.

Maybe it would bring him great dreams after having attended the opening ceremonies in Sochi.

Thus the former KGB agent from Dresden hung in his bedroom the old Lakota Sioux dream catcher that had caught the dreams of that influential German who loved American Western novels and had purchased the item way back in the 1930s.

Vladimir Putin slept.

And the Dream Catcher that had caught the dreams of Adolf Hitler seem to come alive as the moonlight shone through the window.

-A short story
written by Christopher
Sunday May 11th


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