Poetic Reflection On That Wedding Time of Year

May 31, 2014 at 4:42 pm (Poetry) (, , )

Poetic Reflection On That Wedding Time of Year

It’s late May
approaching June
It’s that wedding time of year
You see them in restaurants and bars everywhere
men dressed in their best tuxedos and suits
Women dressed in their finest dresses
caught between the time of the morning wedding ceremony
and the evening wedding reception
looking to kill time
while the bride, groom, bride’s maids, best man and groom’s men
get their photos taken in some exotic locale- park, beach or forest
so the guests look to kill time
and they do it by drinking
Jim Croce sang about saving time in a bottle
these people kill time in a bottle
The booze flows like a cascading waterfall from a mountain
or a gushing spring out of the ground
They show up at the reception thoroughly sloshed
and then drink oodles of champagne at the wedding feast itself
Whoever said marriage is enough to drive men and women to drink
knew what they were talking about.

-A poem written by Christopher
Saturday May 31st 2014.

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