Bee Before Sea

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Bee Before Sea

The man walked along the old pier at Atlantic City.

He gazed out at the ocean.

He suddenly heard a buzzing sound.




What was that?

A bee.

The man tried to calm down.

He had a severe allergy to bee stings.

In fact, they could be fatal to him.

So he wouldn’t do anything to upset the bee.

Strange he thought.

What was a bee doing here at the ocean?

So far from fields, flowers and trees.

Though the man made no movement, the bee landed on the man and stung him.

Within minutes, the man was dead.

In the distance, another individual in long black trench coat and dark sunglasses had been shooting a video of the whole incident with his smart phone.

He clicked Send.

Then he dialed a number.

The mysterious Park Avenue billionaire answered his phone in his luxurious New York City penthouse Park Avenue Apartment.

“The test subject for our experiment,” the man from DARPA spoke, “the man with a medical history of severe allergic reaction to bee stings has died. This testing stage for our RoboBee seems to be a success. Now if we can make mechanical pollination successful, robotic bees can replace honey bees who are being killed off with the agricultural pesticides made by Monsanto and others. We’ll have the power to grow food and, as has been shown in the video I just sent you, the power to kill. We’ll have the power of life and death.”

“We shall be as gods,” the Park Avenue billionaire grinned with his reptilian teeth.

To be continued.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Monday June 9th


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