The Hunter

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The Hunter

The stranger walked through town.

The town was empty and desolate.

As empty and desolate as the vast desert behind him.

The sound of giant hoof beats could be heard behind him as he went through town.

He looked to the left.

No one there.

He looked to the right.

No one there.

He looked straight ahead.

No one there.

He stopped in his tracks.

The sound of the giant hoof beats behind him likewise fell silent.

He turned and looked behind him.

No one there.

The stranger who was called the Hunter continued on.

To the edge of town.

And again through desert.

To the next town…

… clomp… …clomp… …clomp…

… the sound of horse’s hooves…

…. The Hunter continued on….

… in search of prey….

… Human prey…

…. he arrived at the next town…

….but this was not a town in the old days of the American Wild West…

… it was a town in today’s contemporary Middle East…

…. Syria or Iraq…

… who knows?…

Borders seem to be fluid in today’s war-torn Middle East.

The Hunter was in search of fighters from IS (the Islamic State) the Islamist terrorist militia formerly known as ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham).

His mission: to kill as many IS fighters as possible.

Ahmed, the IS fighter who had been born and raised in Germany and who had left his family’s moderate mosque in his early 20s and joined the mosque of a radical imam and then heeded the call to join the new Caliphate of the emerging Islamic State, raised his head.

And then raised his gun.

He had heard the sound of horse’s hooves coming from outside the building he was in.

He looked out the window.

A giant shadow fell across the room he was in.

The ground seemed to rumble and the wall of the building around the window collapsed.

Ahmed the IS fighter from Germany tried to step back into the shadows.

Away from the gaze of the fierce looking horseman.

The horseman who was…

… well…

… just that…

…. a horseman…

The horse-man looking every inch the giant of a figure who had just walked off the pages of an illustrated book of Greek mythology raised his giant bow in the direction of Ahmed and drew back the string…

… and fired the arrow…

… the arrow that never missed its mark…

… for the Hunter never missed his mark…

… and Ahmed departed this world…

… and wondered where in Hell were the 72 dark-eyed virgins that were promised him?

. . .

U. S. President Barack Obama stood outside the cabinet meeting room in the White House where he was examining the shocking satellite photos of the Iraq-Syria border region being shown him by a deputy director of the CIA.

“Where the Hell did that centaur come from?” The President asked.

Inside the meeting room meanwhile, a heated debate was raging amongst the members of the President’s National Security Council.

“But,” a voice could be heard loudly protesting, “only a complete horse’s ass would want to go into Iraq and Syria these days.”

To be continued.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Friday August 15th


  1. Mike said,

    LOL DVH. Well wrote.

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