Vampiress Isis On Top of Notre Dame

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Vampiress Isis On Top of Notre Dame

The Paris-based Egyptian Vampiress Isis stood at the top of the bell tower on Paris’ world-famous Notre Dame Cathedral.

The bell tower where she imagined Quasimodo ringing the bells.

She wore a scarlet red evening dress and scarlet red spiked stiletto high-heeled shoes as she stood on the tower in the moonlight.

“The Whore of Babylon,” a visiting Scots Presbyterian tourist shouted up from the street.

Isis grabbed a stone gargoyle and with her bare hands ripped it out of its place on the tower and threw it down on top of the Scots Presbyterian tourist killing him instantly.

As the Presbyterian met his predestined end and no doubt went to his predestined destination of the afterlife, Isis said in an eerily cold voice, “I am NOT Ishtar.”

“I am not fond of heights,” an out of breath Swiss scientist Dr. Fahrenheit Celsius said as he climbed out on to the open part of the bell tower at the top of Notre Dame Cathedral.

“I know,” Isis turned around and laughed a sinister laugh.

“Um… you wanted to see me?” Dr. Fahrenheit Celsius was feeling an intense apprehension.

( For more on the background of Dr. Fahrenheit Celsius, see here: )

“You told me,” Isis shrieked at the scientist, “that if you had an ET gray’s laser death ray gun in your possession, you could re-assemble the sub-atomic particles of my husband Osiris and put him back together again.”

“Well, I thought I could,” Dr. Fahrenheit Celsius stepped back from the foaming and hissing Vampiress, “but something is not going according to plan. Just give me more time.”

“Time?” shrieked Isis, “I’m running out of time. I expect results.”

Isis pushed the scientist off the tower.

As she then took out her lipstick and applied some sensuous rouge lipstick to her succulent red lips, Dr. Fahrenheit Celsius fell rapidly like the temperatures at night at this time of year.

To be continued.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Wednesday October 1st


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