Randall Hopkins Private Eye

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Randall Hopkins Private Eye

Randall Hopkins was a Private Eye.

He had been hired by the Paris-based Egyptian Vampiress Isis to spy on the activities of Set Enterprises- the scientific research and development firm owned by the London-based billionaire ancient Egyptian vampire Set who was Isis’ main rival and arch-enemy.

But after trying to spy on Set Enterprises for the past 2 years, he had nothing to show for it.

Now Isis was threatening to cut him off- financially (in terms of his fees) as well as a certain part of his anatomy.

Randall Hopkins broke out in a sweat when he received this threat from Isis over the phone.

He had no desire to sing soprano in the Saint Paul’s Cathedral Choir.

Then miraculously last weekend he happened to run into Miranda Singh who was a secretary to the Executive Vice-President of Set Enterprises Mr. Watson Holmes.

He ran into Miranda Singh in a cocktail bar in central London.

He remembered she had been wearing a very attractive purple dress.

They had struck up a conversation and then the next thing Randall Hopkins could remember after taking a sip of his Newcastle Brown Ale was waking up naked in her apartment.

There lying on top of her bed in a pink silk nightgown was the lovely Miranda Singh.

“So,” she batted her eyelashes at him, “was it as good for you as it was for me?”.

Randall Hopkins could not remember a single thing that happened so all he said was “Um, yes.”

Miranda said she’d call him if anything came up in relation to Set Enterprises.

Yesterday morning he got a phone call from Miranda saying the owner and CEO of the company Set as well as Watson Holmes would be meeting with a chartered accountant in the main dining room of London’s Savoy Hotel at 6 PM tonight.

So he Randall Hopkins had rented a tuxedo suit and bow tie and after spending the night before reading Mrs. Beeton’s Guide To Etiquette and Good Manners was now sitting at a table trying to remember what fork he should use to eat his starter salad.

He sat next to the table reserved for Set, Watson Holmes and the chartered accountant.

The three came in.

Set was a very sinister looking figure- what one would expect from a 3000-year old vampire.

Watson Holmes looked like the sort of person that might have been produced if actors Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce had been gay and had a relationship and had been capable of producing a child together.

The chartered accountant looked like a typical chartered accountant- pinstriped trousers, dark suit, white shirt and dark framed glasses.

The accountant whose name was Ian Mandell Boring but went by his initials professionally I.M. Boring dove into his briefcase and brought out a document and read in a monotone voice all the financial earnings of Set Enterprises this past year.

When he had finished, he nudged both Set and Watson Holmes to wake them up.

Meanwhile Randall Hopkins was now on his 21st cup of coffee to keep him awake after listening to I.M. Boring’s riveting reading of the Set Enterprises financial statements.

“So,” Set asked after he had ordered a quadruple cappuccino from the waiter, “what does this mean?”.

“It means,” I.M. Boring replied in monotone, “that you’re going to have to cut $2 billion somewhere in Set Enterprises’ expenditures.”

“I see,” Set downed the quadruple cappuccino in one gulp.

Hm. Set Enterprises needed to cut $2 billion somewhere, Randall Hopkins thought to himself.

He better find a phone booth to telephone the Egyptian Vampiress Isis the news.

For his own smart phone battery had died of boredom after listening to the chartered accountant’s spiel.

-To be continued.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Friday October 17th

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