The Head On The Wall In The Borneo Bar and Grill

October 23, 2014 at 8:27 pm (Horror, Humour, Poetry, The Supernatural) (, , , )

The Head On The Wall In The Borneo Bar and Grill

There was a head on the wall in the Borneo Bar and Grill
looking at it made people want to take a pill
A real authentic head from Borneo said the owner
which made it a head without a boner
so the head was all
making him not tall
the man whose head it was
beheaded by his head-hunting ‘coz
and so it happened on a dark and stormy night
the sort of evening that’s designed to fright
that the customers sat there
and the head without hair
decided to come to life
causing much strife
biting the head off someone’s wife
he attached his head to her body
the look was somewhat gaudy
for there were no transgendered types in this redneck town
seeing one would have caused many to frown
the head decided he didn’t like it either
so it grabbed a sharp screwdriver
and used it to behead the bartender
putting an end to some drunk’s bender
he attached his skull to this new corpse
causing the drunk to metamorpse
and the drunk left
feeling quite bereft
he swore off drink and joined AA
became a sober farmer making hay
but as for the rest of the crowd in the bar
all searched for their keys to the car
but the head and the bartender’s body were swift
it grabbed an axe in a jiff
and quickly beheaded all
moving fast from wall to wall
good thing that carpet wasn’t ordered
as the blood on the wood floor chortled
it would have made for quite the steam cleaning bill
as it was the videotaped crime scene made for quite the Internet thrill.

-A Halloween poem
written by Christopher
Thursday evening
October 23rd


  1. Mike said,

    Wild and zany and not a single forced rhyme – quite an achievement in a piece of this length. Had a good laugh here today friend 😀

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