Scottish Laddies: A Poem

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Scottish Laddies: A Poem

There were some Scottish laddies
some might think they were baddies
they drank together
and stank together
and bathed together in highland stream
underneath a bright moon beam
they played golf in the heather
whatever the weather
and ate their porridge
and fought King George
they drank many a whiskey
and chased lassies frisky
then one day one of them announced he’d wed
an aghast buddy said, “What? And join the ranks of the living dead?”
But the man insisted he’d fallen in love
he swore by the heavens above
and so the man did indeed wed
but one of his buddies said,
“I’ll bet you a dozen gold coins
that what’s between your loins
will not be able to perform on your wedding night
and your bride will die bored rather than from fright.”
The man accepted the bet
just as the sun set
and the voyeur in the group
while eating Scots broth soup
said, “I can see where this is leading
so I’ll watch the proceeding
and being a neutral party
I swear by Wallace’s brave hearty
that I’ll truthfully tell what unfolds
whether his performance outshines the marigolds
and I’ll play my favourite musical instrument if he performs the deed
and if he performs not, not a single note will be heard- blank like his seed.”
So it was agreed.
Then came the wedding night
and in the moonlight
the groom’s friend who made the bet
stood on a hill after sunset
and hoped for the sweet sounds of silence by the dawn’s early light
when would end the groom’s wedding night
and at day break the groom’s friend waited for a sound
and then as cock crew, he hit the ground
and though his promise must be kept
the thrifty Scotsman still wept,
“A drum, a drum,
MacBeth doth come.”

-A poem written by Christopher
Monday January 12th 2015.


  1. Sherrie de Valeria said,

    hahahaha … Oh gosh! Guys in kilt. You know, before the pants there are mini-skirts or kilts or loin-dress for the man. Isn’t that so sexy? And worse was, at that time the underwear has not been invented yet! LOL

    When I told my daughter this and then she looked up in shocked. She asked me,”So, that’s how they became gay, right?” hahahahaha … That is so hillarious!

    But truthfully saying, there is nothing wrong in what she says. When we look back, during those times the men powdered their faces & nose, wearing even wigs or whatever sort of beads hung down their few strands of hair and even earings – and those funny looking shoes with heels and ribbons – and my God! The stockings! What an invention! Stockings for men. I wonder how it would like if the modern men use this again???? But I know there is a new short of fashion dress for me nowadays – if I am not mistaken it was designed by Tom Ford, Marc Jacob, Jean-Paul Gaultier, etc.

    I told once a joke about a Scottish man and commented,”And so in those days, they have still the pussies, ya know!” And there was this one Scottish student in the group and was shocked and said,”Really??? Oh, dear, Lord! My ancestors has pussies!!! Now I understand it all! It was their main secret! Very sacred!” hahahahaha ….

    What the …. LOL hahahaha …

    • draculvanhelsing said,

      Yes, Scotland had a very interesting history.

      And a very dark and mysterious history as well.

      Lots of witchcraft and magic and ghosts and devils appearing in Scottish folklore.

      • Sherrie de Valeria said,

        Yes, true. Load of their horror folklore and much weirder. People sometimes still see odd creatures in the deep forest even in this modern time. And in the jungle, there are certain places we don’t go because people believe there is a sort of a place where the spirits dwell.

        My grandmother use to tell me that the spirits love to live near water like the stream or pond, or a sea – water is a place where the spirits love to roam about and that scares me enough not to go near water when I was young – especially when you cannot really see what’s under it – it does look dark down there. Well, who knows ….

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