King Solomon’s Treasure

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King Solomon’s Treasure

The Mossad agent they called the Controller of The Golem was going to the site of an Israeli archaeological dig.

Normally an archaeological dig wasn’t considered a matter of Israeli national security but this was an exception namely because of what was found and where the dig was clandestinely taking place at a very politically and religiously sensitive site.

The discovery itself had been made in a deep subterranean cavern at the site on June 6th of last year at the ungodly hour of 6 AM.

News of the find had still not been made public for obvious reasons.

Aside from those working on the dig (who had been sworn to secrecy), very few in Israel actually knew of the find.

The President of Israel and the Prime Minister of Israel knew of the find.

Most of the Israeli cabinet itself did not.

Most of those in government did not know of the find.

Most of those in the Israeli Army did not know of the find.

Most of those in the Israeli intelligence community did not.

The Controller of The Golem himself did not know of it until New Year’s Day this year.

He was assigned to check it out and oversee the final cataloging of the items that were found.

. . .

The subterranean cavern itself was large and spacious.

It would have to be.

Considering what it contained.

“So as you can see,” the team’s head archaeologist Dr. Samuel Reubenstein told the Controller of the Golem, “modern biblical scholarship which had maintained that the claim ‘he was the richest man who had ever lived’ was just an exaggeration and a myth will itself have to be rewritten.”

“How much would you say all this stuff is worth?” The Controller of the Golem asked as he looked at the huge quantity of valuables that quite literally went on for miles and miles in the long extensive cavern.

“At today’s market value,” Dr. Reubenstein replied, “Trillions and trillions and trillions. Would definitely make Bill Gates look like a pauper by comparison at any rate.”

The Controller of The Golem shook his head in disbelief at what he was seeing…

… King Solomon’s treasures.

. . .

As Pope Francis prayed in the chapel, he was haunted by a thought which had entered his mind yesterday and seemed to linger there ever since.

Had the Consecration of Russia been properly done like what was requested by the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima in 1917?

The world had been consecrated to Mary’s Immaculate Heart several times but never Russia specifically by name.

Mary had told Sister Lucy (the only one of the 3 shepherd children at Fatima who had lived on into adulthood) that the Consecration would eventually be done but that it would be late.

What, Francis wondered, did She mean by late?

What would have happened that would cause one to think it had been done late?

How late?

Too late?

. . .

Russian President Vladimir Putin sat in his office in the Kremlin at night.

It was late.

He looked at the old clock ticking on the wall.

Very late.

He looked outside the window of his Kremlin office and took in the night sky over Moscow with its intense darkness.

Too late.

The Russian President rubbed his eyes and looked at the document in front of him.

The document that told the state of the Russian economy as it truly was.

It was even worse than what the government had admitted in public through the media.

Western sanctions.

And the drastic fall in oil prices.

Together the two had dealt a crippling blow to the Russian economy from which the country might not recover for a very very long time.

And what would this do to his place in history?

That he would not be recognized as the truly great leader that Vladimir Putin knew in his heart that he truly was?

Putin took another document from his folder.

This one from a sleeper agent.

Russia had had sleeper agents in various countries throughout the world for a very very long time now.

Since the days of Lenin and Stalin and the old Soviet Union.

This document was from a long-time sleeper agent in the State of Israel.

One who had worked his way up to a position of very great trust and high responsibility within the Israeli state.

With access to all of Israel’s deepest and darkest secrets.

The Russian President looked at the photos in the document.

And seethed with jealousy at the items he saw that had been found in this unpublicized Israeli archaeological dig.

Putin felt extremely covetous at what he saw.

The words of Britain’s great World War II statesmen Sir Winston Churchill went through his mind, “Desperate times require desperate measures.”

He walked over to another desk while still holding the document with the photos and remained oblivious to the fact that the beautifully arranged lilies of the field flowers in pots on this desk had died due to the fact he had never bothered to water them.

Lilies of the field of whom a Man a long long time ago had said, “I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.”

. . .

Ripped pages of an old Bible (that had been given intact to a homeless man by a western missionary) blew along the streets of Moscow.

The man had used the pages of the Bible to make himself a fire.

Some of the ripped pages had blown away in a sudden wind and were being carried through the streets of the Russian capital.

A scrap of paper bearing part of a verse from Ezekiel Chapter 38 verse 13 blew against the window of Putin’s Kremlin office as he gazed down on the world in eaglesque fashion like a Roman Emperor of old.

The Russian leader was oblivious to the scrap of paper that was held by the wind against the window for a minute.

The words on the scrap of paper that read, “Art thou come to take a spoil? hast thou gathered thy company to take a prey? to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to take a great spoil?”.

The Russian leader then clenched his fists as his mind came to a firm and resolute decision on the matter.

The scrap of paper was then blown away by the wind in a southernly direction.

As if it was a tiny foreshadowing of a great tempest to come.

To be continued.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Friday February 13th



  1. Sherrie de Valeria said,

    Oh, how mysterious. I love this. Remind me of Dan Brown. hehe …

    Of what treasure this is, is an enormous thing to find – the Ark of Covenant. Or something more? He has too many treasure. And what are of the Key of Solomon? I want to know that.

    Oh, I love the chracter of the Controller of Golem. He is the more superior than that Golem in the Lord of The Ring who always said, “My PRecious” LOL All the time.

    I wonder if Putin has anything Precious in his possession at all? He lost so much these days, really. πŸ˜›

    Can’t wait for the next chapter.

    • draculvanhelsing said,

      Thanks, Sherrie. πŸ™‚

      Yes, that’s actually a good question- Does Putin have anything precious in his possessions at all?

      Yes, what is to be found among King Solomon’s treasures?

      And as you once wrote in one of your ghost story novel chapters- you had no idea what was going to happen next- so I too don’t know what’s going to happen next.

      I’ll be just as surprised as you at what unfolds in the next chapter.

      LOL !

      • Sherrie de Valeria said,

        To unfold our own writing mysteries? Now, that is really a something, isn’t it? Be surprise with your own-self. hehehe …

        I shall un-fold mine and you shall un-fold yours. Let us see where will our stories lead us … I am excited about the ending because that is “where” I am stuck at the moment! LOL

    • draculvanhelsing said,

      Yes and as that song Desiderata put it, “No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”

      Love your comment, Sherrie. πŸ™‚

      For some reason, there’s no Like button that appears underneath comments on my own blog page on my iPhone.

      There’s a Like button that appears underneath comments on your blog page on my iPhone so I can click Like there.

      But I notice some people have clicked Like comments on my own page so I guess whatever blog template it is on my page can show Like comments for other people on my own page but not me.

      But I like all your comments, Sherrie.

      They’re so analytical and perceptive and quite often humourous. πŸ™‚

      I can’t wait to read the ending to your ghost story, Sherrie.

      I’m still waiting with baited breath to find out who that invisible creature with red eyes is in that Cara Lane ghost house and if someone will finally take pity on him and take him to a spectral ophthalmologist. πŸ˜€

      • Sherrie de Valeria said,

        Hmm, that is strange. I know I did click the likes but something just did not work here at all. Strange. Not on your side, I think, but the likes on the Blog Page is working, but not my “like” on comments. Must check on this. hehe …

        Yes, I like all of your stories of all kinds and I love all of your comments as well. To tell you the truth, you are one of a kind of an artist/writer I really, really so adore and like. If you are a famous author, I would have been your loyal fan and friend. hehe … I did published a book once on Exorcism and it was my very first book and it was horrible. I did a lot of mistake with that book and it was almost too childish in my opinion. Ah, well … I tried …

        Here’s the link to my book –

        Gosh … I think I would not do the same mistake ever again! LOL

      • draculvanhelsing said,

        I remember reading the whole book seemed to scare me.

        Probably the part where all those faces appeared in the fire scared me the most.

    • draculvanhelsing said,

      So you’ve got a book for sale on Amazon eh?

      Congratulations. πŸ™‚

      A book on exorcism eh?

      Reminds me of Malachi Martin’s book on exorcism- Hostage To The Devil.

      It was reading Malachi Martin’s book The Keys Of This Blood which first got me interested in the field of Geopolitics and International Relations.

      That’s why I incorporate so many geopolitical events and news stories into my vampire novel.

      Yes, if I ever become a famous author and I’m asked on talk shows who was my first really big fan, I can say “It was my friend Sherrie.” πŸ™‚

      • Sherrie de Valeria said,

        Malachi book is really scary. I really do believe his stories, you know. We had that one book of Hostage to the Devil and was then borrowed by everyone in the family and friends. Few of them got ill even before reading the next chapters and some had nightmares … I remembered back then I was like 16 or 17 years old and nearly finishing high school. We got that book from an old book store which sell antique old unknown book and I saw it for the first time piled in dust among other books. I took it with me because I was interested in paranormal stories and cases.

        It scares the hell out of me and I remembered about a mother who sing to Mother Mary to save her child from the possession. I remembered about a girl who told the priest that she was fucked by a giant black spider. And I remembered well the part where Malachi, I think, who saw the many faces of demons in the black smoke from the fire … It was awfully scary …

        Which part of the chapters scares you the most, Chris? πŸ™‚

      • draculvanhelsing said,

        Reading the whole book seemed to scare me.

        Probably the part where all those faces appeared in the fire.

      • Sherrie de Valeria said,

        Yeah, and only us know who “Eagle” is … or was … LOL

        Ouch, my book is awful … If I got the chance to publish a second book, I shall do it better the next time because now I am way older and wiser – I think! πŸ˜›

    • draculvanhelsing said,

      I was a teen- ager when I last read Hostage To The Devil.

      Was Eagle a name of one of the demons in the book?

      Or are you talking about the Reckless Eagle at Xanga who imagined himself a male fashion model for several non-existent Spanish men’s fashion magazines and had almost a hundred imaginarary half-brothers and half-sisters and half-cousins who were also bloggers at Xanga (who all denied being one and the same person) including one half-cousin who had an imaginary half-uncle who he insisted was the non-existent deputy police chief of Malaysia.

      • Sherrie de Valeria said,

        Yeah, that Eagle!
        I bet he boast in Xanga about how he ALMOST got his role in the 50 Shades of Grey and instead had the role as the bell boy got tied or something. hahahaha …

        And I bet he is in this NEXT VIDEO … LOL

    • draculvanhelsing said,

      LOL at the video, Sherrie. πŸ˜€

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