Special Delivery For Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2015 at 8:34 pm (Short Story) ()

Special Delivery For Valentine’s Day

Diego Vargas was a special courier.

He didn’t usually work on Saturdays but seeing as how today, this particular Saturday, was February 14th Valentine’s Day this year, he was working.

Diego Vargas didn’t really mind.

He was being paid time and a half by his employers for working today.

He whistled as he drove his delivery van through the busy streets of New York City.

Diego Vargas checked the address on the package with the address of the restaurant.

This was the place all right.

Diego Vargas entered the restaurant with the package.

“Special Valentine’s Day delivery for Mr. Antonio Balducci,” Vargas said to the maitre’ d.

“That would be the restaurant manager,” the maitre’ d smiled, “I’ll take you to his office on the second floor.”

The maitre’d knocked on the restaurant manager’s door.

“Special Valentine’s Day delivery for you, Mr. Balducci… from,” the maitre’ d looked at the name on the card that Diego Vargas had handed him, “Montague Capulet Floral Deliveries.”

Mr. Balducci bid the courier deliverer enter.

The maitre d’ bowed and left Mr. Vargas to his business.

Antonio Balducci looked at the long package that Mr. Vargas was carrying.

“That must be one awfully long bouquet of flowers,” Mr. Balducci thought to himself.

Now who would be sending him flowers?

Diego Vargas opened the packaged box and pulled out a sub-machine gun.

“Happy Valentine’s Day from the Colombian drug cartel,” Diego Vargas smiled as he riddled the restaurant manager’s body with bullets.

Diego Vargas put the machine gun back in the packaged box and left the establishment.

It was his final delivery for the day.

He had certainly made a killing- several in fact- by working today.

Valentine’s Day.

Al Capone would have been so proud.

-A Short Story
written by Christopher
Saturday February 14th



  1. Sherrie de Valeria said,

    At first I thought the Mafia sends him a box of a long newspaper wraps with a fish inside. So, he got to assasinate some people, huh? Al Capone would be very proud, indeed.

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