The Bronze Mask of Pan: A Poem

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The Bronze Mask of Pan: A Poem

And so it came to pass that in the year 2015
a University of Haifa archaeological team
did uncover ancient bronze mask
of the ancient god Pan
outside the ancient Galilean city of Hippos-Sussita was it found
this rare relic unearthed from the ground
Larger than a human head
this mask of faun god long dead
From whence it came?
What’s it for?
So much mystery
at history’s door.
Most masks of this time made of terracotta or stone
making this bronze mask stand alone
most were theatre masks or miniature masks
so this large mask now in glory basks

A bronze mask of Pan…

… from whence it came?

… and what or who was it for?

And so in ancient times the Greek god Pan did wander
on earth below skies where Zeus did thunder
He came upon a neat little town
his throat parched and his lips brown
he would find somewhere to drink
and have his satyr fancy tickled pink

He put on his mask for a disguise
so he wouldn’t be seen by human eyes
The mask was made to look like him
this half-man half-goat not so proper and prim
That way no one would think it he
under bronze crafted so elegantly

In town there was a wedding
at a place with softer bedding
He posed as a wedding guest
though he knew neither bride nor groom
he would have to confess

He did ask for wine
so they gave him a cup
and that was fine

He went outside to drink the wine
and never had he tasted so fine
when he raised his mask to drink
his taste buds tickled pink

Oh such sweet Heaven!
Never did even ambrosia taste like this
surpassing that Olympian drink in heavenly bliss
O nectar divine!
O wine so fine!

Great god Pan lifted his cup to the sky
and then died without even a sigh.

For it was not for seemingly immortal gods was this wine given
but for mortal man so that life was worth livin’

Pan’s body was found by the bride’s father
He realized this would be such a bother
for he recognized the god and knew
he would have to think this through
who would believe his tale when told
he picked up the mask so old
And especially thought the bride’s father
that this god died drinking wine made from water.

And so it was that this day at Cana of Galilee
saw the death of an ancient deity.

-A poem written by Christopher
Wednesday March 25th


  1. Nicholas C. Rossis said,

    This is absolutely brilliant!

  2. Sherrie de Valeria said,

    Isn’t that a coincidence? I just wrote a ghost story that has Pan in it and came out the news of the mask … Hell! They’ve found one of the sacred treausre. LOL

    • draculvanhelsing said,

      Yes, it’s interesting how that happens.

      And just as Pan was said to have died during the life of Christ, maybe this relic of Pan being found foreshadows Pan’s return and the subsequent rise of Antichrist.

      • Sherrie de Valeria said,

        Yeah, who knows. I write the same part on Pan in my ghost story – but without the mask. But that Mask somehow exist in the PC / PlayStation game on a Dracula having to found Pan’s mask from an evil magician. Using the mask, Dracula are able to see the spirit world and hold to his long dead’s wife spirit. He was disappointed because the moment he take off the mask, his wife is not there. The reality tells him that nothing or no power in the world (or even with the powerful Mask of Fate from Pan) cannot simply bring his wife back.

    • draculvanhelsing said,

      Hm. That’s interesting. So a Mask of Pan once appeared in a Playstation game on Dracula eh?

      Yes, that’s interesting how reality can sometimes imitate art.

      For instance, I wrote recently on Nimrod becoming a frog and there was a story on the news last night about how they’ve just discovered a new species of frog (I believe it was in South America) who has the ability to shapeshift.

      It shapeshifts into a prickly looking thorny looking plant shape.

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