Haiku About The Alberta Badlands City of Drumheller

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Haiku About The Alberta Badlands City of Drumheller

Drumheller Badlands
T-Rex by bridge sees archfoe
Christ on the far hills

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Haiku About Superman

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Haiku About Superman

He came from Krypton
to our own daily planet
Clark Kent in disguise

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Haiku About Cecil The Lion Killed By Trophy Hunter In Zimbabwe

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Haiku About Cecil The Lion Killed By Trophy Hunter In Zimbabwe

Killer’s toothy smile
Trophy ensures the lion
does not sleep tonight

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Haiku About The Tiger and The Bunny Rabbits In A Friend’s Garden

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Haiku About The Tiger And The Bunny Rabbits In A Friend’s Garden

He’s friendly tiger
likes little bunny rabbits
he will not eat them

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Haiku About The Snake-Dragon Woman of Sarawak Malaysian Village Folklore

July 27, 2015 at 6:57 pm (Folklore, Ghost Story, Mythology, Poetry) (, , , , , )

Haiku About The Snake-Dragon Woman of Sarawak Malaysian Village Folklore

Boys tease snake-dragon
She warns she’ll eat them at night
See boys cry pout run

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Haiku About Tiger Woods In 2015

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Haiku About Tiger Woods In 2015

Broken tiger
has broken spirit
Golf becomes Greek tragedy

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Phoenix On The Temple Mount On The 9th of Av

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Phoenix On The Temple Mount On The 9th of Av

A Phoenix unseen to the human eye
seen only by those with spiritual vision
this Phoenix lived a happy life on Mount Fuji, Japan
but now was its time to die
It would return to its rocky home in the sands of Arabia
Build itself a pyre nest of aromatic branches
and then cover it with the spice of myrrh
Then throw on some frankincense
and set it on fire
And then consume itself in the flames.
So like the salmon returning to the streams of its birth in British Columbia in order to spawn, so the Phoenix would return to the sands of its birth in Arabia in order to die.
The Phoenix sang a happy song as it flew west
away from its adopted land of the rising sun
to a land far closer to the setting sun
as it neared the sunset of its own life
A song as sung by one expectant to reach Paradise
It was flying home to its terrestrial home
to serve as the gate of entry to its celestial home
As it neared the Arabian Peninsula, it wept tears of joy
but those watery eyes would soon be overcome by rings of smoke
caused by the fires of war burning below
and those tears of joy turned to tears of mourning as it noticed its rocky home had been destroyed by missiles
caused by the bloodbath whose whirlpools flowed between Yemeni Houthi rebel and Saudi soldier
It flew further west still
searching for a new place to die
The Bird of Paradise
overcome by the visions of Tartarus playing out on the surface of the earth below
It flew until it could fly no more
Its heart tried to keep beating until it could beat no more
its song of joy a distant tune whose melody was rapidly being forgotten
The bird dropped down
and down
and down
And fell on top of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem
on this 9th of Av in the Hebrew lunar year 5775
The Gregorian solar calendar date of July 25th 2015.
For one brief shining moment
this beautiful rainbow coloured feather giant bird
stood proudly up on its feet
spread its wings
and sang out its cry
a cry of despair across the universal sky
Tears of blood fell from its eyes
and poured down its body
and then it fell to the ground
and died.
No human eye could see the fierce fire that burned on the Temple Mount.

-A narrative free verse poem
written by Christopher
Saturday July 25th

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When Dragons Make Love: A Haiku

July 23, 2015 at 7:22 pm (Folklore, Mythology, Nature, Poetry, The Supernatural) (, , , , )

When Dragons Make Love: A Haiku

When dragons make love
thunder roars and lightnings flash
hail stones hail new birth

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What Lies Beneath The Unmarked Grave?

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What Lies Beneath The Unmarked Grave?

Billowing clouds
dark and gray
forming cathedral pillars in the sky
but a dark sinister cathedral
built to receive dark gods and dark sacrifices

The lightning flashed
and the thunder roared
but not a drop of rain poured
for Rennes-le-Chateau like many spots on this planet would suffer drought and intense heat
this summer of 2015.

And Simon Delaney nephew of famed British archaeologist Sir Cedric Delany
trying to become a notable archaeologist in his own right
was about to open an unmarked grave in the cemetery of Saint Mary Magdalene Church
He had finally got all the necessary paperwork from 3 different levels of French government and bureaucracy- municipal, regional and national to open the grave
as well as the permission of the parish and the diocese,

So now in this place haunted by the ghost of Berenger Sauniere and the greedy Gollums of tourist guides
living off the avails of Dan Brown and conspiracy theorists
he Simon Delaney was about to open an unmarked grave-
a grave he believed would be as significant as Howard Carter’s find of Tutankhamun.

But when he opened the grave-
nothing was there-
it was as empty as the inside of a 21st Century Western world church on a Sunday morning.

The old caretaker of the cemetery who looked as if he walked straight off the set of an old Boris Karloff movie
approached carrying a bottle of wine that he sipped from
the caretaker laughed and said the unmarked grave had been opened 3 years ago this summer by a grave robber
who did not bother with the niceties of municipal, regional and national permits
nor with parish and diocesan permission
Rather he had just entered with a shovel on a moonlit night
and started digging
When the previous graveyard caretaker had objected, the grave robber just shot the man (thus leaving a job opening for he the heavy wine drinker to fill) while singing the song from South Pacific that began, “Some enchanted evening…”
When he had finished singing the song and kicking the caretaker’s body away, the grave robber began singing a paraphrased version of another song from South Pacific- his own version going like this, “I’ve got to get this gum right off of my shoe…

Later in the town tavern after digging up the grave, the grave robbing stranger having loaded the body on to a dirigible called The HickingBurp bought drinks for everyone in the house
The stranger said his name was Renfield and he had stolen the body for a friend Dr. Cadbury Rocher
to extract the DNA and make a new creation

And so Simon Delaney left the cemetery a grave stricken man
his dreams turning to dust
“Dust thou art and unto dust thou shalt return”.

Someone had stolen the body of the Baphomet
The body of the creature he believed buried there
The creature whose body was found in Jerusalem almost a millennium ago by the Knights Templar
and buried there by Knights Templar who wished to avoid Jacques de Molay’s celebrity roast
at the hands of King Philip IV of France
and Pope Clement V.

For what nefarious purpose had this Dr. Cadbury Rocher used the DNA of the Baphomet’s body?
Delaney asked himself as he walked by a windswept copy of an old Rolling Stone magazine
whose front cover bore the image of celebrity serial killer Pan Goatee.

An unmarked grave
and no body inside for him to find.

Delaney found himself asking a question once posed by a character in a Flannery O’ Connor novel who was sitting in a movie theatre eating popcorn and watching an extremely bad movie,
“What degenerate produced this abortion?”.

-A narrative free verse poem
and vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Wednesday July 22nd

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Haiku About Marshall McLuhan For His 114th Birthday Today

July 21, 2015 at 9:00 pm (Commentary, Culture, History, News, Philosophy, Poetry) (, , , )

Haiku About Marshall McLuhan (For His 114th Birthday Today)

View TV and Net
medium is the message
global village Hell

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