Pan Goatee On The Temple Mount

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Pan Goatee On The Temple Mount

Pan Goatee stood on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

He took out his reed pipes and started playing the melody of the Hitler Youth Movement.

Standing next to him was the German siren Lorelei dressed in a short skirted German Valkyrie warrioress outfit designed for her by Cosplay fashion designer Yaya Han.

As Pan Goatee played on his reed pipes, the Valkyrie siren Lorelei sang,

… “But somewhere a glory awaits unseen
Tomorrow belongs to me…”

… “The morning will come when the world is mine
Tomorrow belongs to me…”

A severed charcoal burnt Black Hand kept time to the music by tapping the pavement on the ground with his fingers at the top of the Temple Mount.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Monday July 13th



  1. Bioman said,

    Nice and weird, Man!

  2. Randstein said,

    Bwaa haaa haa! Great visionary prose on Germany’s rise to power. Nothing beats a mind expanding cinnamon bun for getting one’s muse up and dancing. Unless you have it with a good glass of the Green Fairy and a fabulous YaYa Han cosplay designer outfit for the muse Erato to wear. If she fills that cup size, By Zeus, she is a goddess! I know that charcoal burnt black hand from somewhere. Perhaps it was in the seldom read or understood autobiography of Hitler’s dental assistant and part time proctologist Herr Helmut Fudd Von Drechfinger in Mein Kampf Fuer ist Kaput.

    • draculvanhelsing said,

      LOL !

      Yes, Herr Helmut Fudd was one dental assistant/proctologist who knew how to put his money where Hitler’s mouth was- and that could be at either end- since no one was quite sure from which hole Hitler’s propaganda originated- hence the reason for Herr Helmut Fudd’s dual occupation.

      • Randstein said,

        The stories he told. Explains a lot of Hitler’s irrational decisions. I suppose it was difficult to focus as Mr. Fudd was reported to be a hamfisted fellow. A size 18 ring finger. Crike! that had to hurt. :-O

    • draculvanhelsing said,

      No wonder, Hitler often woke up screaming in the middle of the night.

      • Randstein said,

        He was constantly confounded by Fudd’s insistence on peering into the abyss from both ends. It drove him nuts in the end…

    • draculvanhelsing said,

      It really was a ghastly downfall for the Third Reich if Fudd drove his nuts into Hitler’s end…

      • Randstein said,

        Egads! I’m sure there is a Russian dossier on it, locked away.

    • draculvanhelsing said,

      Undoubtedly. πŸ™‚

  3. Nicholas C. Rossis said,

    It all sounds horribly familiar…

  4. Sherrie de Valeria said,

    And so Pan Goatee will become a new God where else all of the gods had left – or died. Eaten by Kraken! Perhaps because he peed there too.
    That is why Greece is left in total darkness – no more lights there too.

    And they say that Hitler is reborn again somewhere – awake from the Dead.

    • draculvanhelsing said,

      Yes, the world seems to have literally entered a new dark age, Sherrie.

      • Sherrie de Valeria said,

        It is now … There are wars everywhere right now … It is really scary … War in Ukraine, ISIS everywhere, Greece economy failed, USA at the brink of financial crisis too, who knows what Kim-Jong Un are planning in Korea, little girls are kidnapped in schools in Africa, rapes cases increases at a very alarming rate in India … As if the world is near its end …

      • draculvanhelsing said,

        Yes, very apocalyptic times indeed.

  5. Sherrie de Valeria said,

    I just did the last chapter on Cara Lane.
    And now I started a new story on the Shadow People.
    Check it out : –

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