Tiger and Ambos: A Day In The Woods

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Tiger and Ambos: A Day In The Woods

Tiger was an orange ginger coloured tabby cat
not the animal that dentists would use for a mat
Ambos was a black Labrador
who eats steak at the table
and not on the floor.

Tiger suggested a walk in the woods
like folks did in days that were Robin Hood’s
Ambos looked at Tiger rather oddly
And looking at the table
seeing no blessed steak that tasted so godly
decided to join his companion for a walk
And as they walked, neither one did talk.

Tiger contemplated the world as he walked
Ambos noticed a bird so he stopped and gawked
Tiger carried with him a volume of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations
while Ambos occasionally stopped to sniff the ground and sniff the vegetations.

In his other paw, Tiger carried a small laptop
Back at the cottage, Sherrie said, “I can’t find my laptop! Oh sop!”

They stopped in a meadow and Tiger sat down to blog
Ambos tried to drink the last of the morning fog
Tiger suddenly noticed a marker on the ground
so on his feline legs he did bound
And went over to look at the marker
while Ambos settled for being a barker
But this was no circus
but there was a clown
As Tiger studied the sign with a frown.

Here, the marker read, lies Yorick, Chief Clown To Hamlet Prince of Denmark
While in the forest could be heard the singing of a lark.
Shouted Tiger with glee
as Ambos lifted his leg on a tree,
There really are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy, Ambos.
The black Lab had no idea what his furry feline friend was talking about as he sat and licked his toes.

Suddenly a bone came out of the ground
a piece of Yorick minus the sound
Ambos noticed the bone
and leapt like yuppy to iPhone
He swallowed the bone amidst much crunching
causing Tiger to lose his tuna fish lunching

Ambos, what have you done, Tiger cried,
Had Hamlet seen the spectacle, he’d have surely died.
You’ve eaten the bone of a great Danish clown!
Indeed he had! And Ambos told puns all the way to town.

For Ambos had eaten the clown’s funny bone
And for the rest of his life, he told puns that caused many to moan.

-A narrative poem
about Sherrie’s pets
Tiger and Ambos
written by Christopher
Wednesday August 12th


  1. Nicholas C. Rossis said,

    So that’s where humor comes from! Thanks for explaining that to me 😀

    • draculvanhelsing said,

      LOL, ! Nicholas!

      Now you know. 😀

      My friend Sherrie had noted that the genetically created Pan Goatee is somewhat serious in nature, personality and temperament while the genetically created Renfield R. Renfield has more of a sense of humour and fun to his personality and temperament.

      I said that was probably because Dr. Cadbury Rocher had thrown a funny bone into Renfield’s DNA cocktail mix while he missed throwing a funny bone into Pan Goatee’s DNA cocktail mix.

      And then Sherrie said she wished someone would give her Black Labrador dog Ambos a funny bone because he always seems to have a serious look on his face and always stares at her with an odd expression on his face when she talks to him.

      Her cat Tiger on the other hand she describes as being a quiet gentle intellectual type, a calm observer of the world and a true gentleman as far as cats are concerned.

      In this poem, I have Ambos eating a funny bone (in this case the funny bone of young Hamlet’s personal clown Yorick whose bones seem to have found their way from Denmark to a Bavarian alpine forest and meadow) and becoming more humourous in disposition as a result.

  2. Heartafire said,

    wonderful writing, love it!

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