Oracle Tang At The Burning Man: A Poem

September 17, 2015 at 6:12 pm (Avatar Speaks, Culture, Poetry) (, , , , )

Oracle Tang At The Burning Man

At the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada,
They celebrate art work that they call dada
And whilst there, they set the Wicker Man on fire,
he goes up in smoke like a burning tire
They call it an act of self-expression
Pyromaniac might be a psychiatrist’s impression.

For one week on this dry lake bed
as the scent of pot goes to the head
it becomes Black Rock City
an apocalypse so pretty
Now this year, they’ve got a holographic orangutan
One who doesn’t have to use Ultra-Ban
an image that looks part orangutan
and part vampire bat
when he flaps his orange furry wings, you’ll fall to the mat.

His two eyes suddenly merge into one cyclops eye
Horus’ capstone eye showing theorem of pi
The Image of the Beast is here at last.
Head down to Black Rock- it will be a blast!

-A poem written by Christopher
Monday September 7th



  1. Sherrie de Valeria said,

    This is certainly a most confusring one. With all the details of what that creature is or was with its orange wings and Horus eyes. Another creepy blog. But brilliantly written, Chris! 🙂

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      I suppose I should have included the link to the article that inspired this poem.

      Oracle Tang was what they called the holographic orangutan that was an exhibit at this year’s Burning Man Festival held in Black Rock Nevada.

      Burning Man is a celebration of what seems to me to be a dark arts witchcraft ritual ceremony that’s held the week leading up to and including the Labour Day weekend in North America each year- I believe it started in 1986 and has been going ever since.

      The article contains a YouTube video that shows the holographic orangutan Oracle Tang and what it does.

      It was watching that video that inspired my description of Oracle Tang in this poem.

      Here’s the link:

      • Sherrie de Valeria said,

        Ah … now I get it. That is, simply weird, don’t you think?
        I know of the Burning Man, but not in details. The thing is, I am kind of surprised that in the US, that they have such a big event like that there as I know that in America, the Christians are fanatically quite mad over there than else as we’ve known it well enough. They even burnt a giant pile of Harry Potter books too! Ghastly, I tell you. If there is a nother Salem, then it is there too – and perhaps among the Mormons community – I have read and heard too much evil activities are done there too. What a corrupted societies … What this world has become nowadays are totally impossible …

        I have a Mormon friend (an ex-Mormon) who escaped her family for reasons that they do practise dark arts of some sort. It is really scary to hear that their God is something else than ours as we thought they worshiped Christ. It chills me to the bones when she told me the real secrets that lies within that community and she escaped her family not only for reason that she thought the Mormonites faith are wrong belief; she was to be married to an older man of sixty who is like an uncle to her and of course, they are all are the same church members.

        She ran for her life – for good. I hope for the best for her …

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Yes, the Burning Man festival is quite weird.

        Yes, the Mormons believe that Christ is the son of an extraterrestrial named Elohim who comes from the planet Kolob and Lucifer is his (Christ’s) half-brother.

        I often wonder if the Mormon Church isn’t behind the production of the Ancient Aliens TV series on the History Channel- which promotes the idea that God is an extraterrestrial which is what the Mormons actually believe.

        Yes, so much of Mormon Temple ritual is basically witchcraft.

      • Sherrie de Valeria said,

        Who knows what evil secret societies are there behind all of those media productions, Hollywood, Scientology, Mormons, etc … And including Illuminati. I watched all of those stupid vids on Superstars and Iluminati to which sounded so much sillier than it seems, but there is a logic in it that no one really comprehend. But who knows the truth? Only God knows it for sure – HE watches us from up there and HE knows the truth what’s down here on Earth … When the Second Coming of Christ starts, then we all know that the Judgment is coming sooner … Pretty scary to think about this, don’t you agree, Chris?

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Very scary indeed, Sherrie my friend.

        Very scary indeed.

  2. Hyperion said,

    People will go to great lengths to entertain themselves during an indulgence of pot. 🙂 Another great piece, Chris! 🙂

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      Thanks, Daniel. 🙂

      That’s indeed very true what you say about they will go to great lengths to entertain themselves under such potty conditions.

      This year’s Burning Man was also where actress Susan Sarandon burned what was left of 1960s LSD guru Timothy Leary’s ashes.

      They burned Leary’s ashes in front of a picture showing a woman dressed as a nun masturbating using a Crucifix.

      Leary’s friends said that they thought Leary would have probably felt most moved by this particular picture- which gives some idea of what sort of man Leary must have been.

      Yes, at Black Rock Nevada, civilization has truly gone to pot.

      And Oracle Tang the holographic orangutan is making monkeys of everyone there.

      • Hyperion said,

        The only thing worse would be to move the celebration to Colorado. I’ve read about Leary over the years and scattering his ashes over the likeness of such a portrait would suit him well. I’m sure the jokes on him as he feels the flames that consumed the burning strawman and Oracle Tang the holographic orangutan makes monkey business with his ashy boo-tay.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Yes, Leary no doubt finds his burnt boot-y is driving him bananas along with the orangutan. 😀

      • Hyperion said,

        LOL! I had a visual. Now I can’t get it out of my head. 🙂

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,


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