Nostradamus And The Force Awakens

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Nostradamus and The Force Awakens

Vampire hunter Dracul Van Helsing and Peter Whitstable the Fox Mulder of Interpol were discussing a movie that both men had seen when they were younger but neither man could remember the name.

The plot was about a movie within a movie.

A movie was opening in a small single cinema theatre.

The movie was about a group of young people opening up the grave of Nostradamus to locate his golden (or was it silver?) mask.

Outside the theatre, a group of young people were preparing for opening night of this movie.

Two friends were excited about seeing the film.

A beautiful young woman who worked as an usherette at the cinema was putting on her short skirted usherette uniform.

And so on.

And so forth.

In the lobby of the cinema, there was a motorcycle with a mannequin sitting on it wearing the Mask of Nostradamus.

When the movie started, it showed a group of young people in France opening up the grave of Nostradamus.

A movie theatre goer returning from the washroom decided to take off the Mask of Nostradamus from the motorcycle riding mannequin in the lobby.

At the same time on the movie screen in the theatre, someone was removing the Mask of Nostradamus from Nostradamus’ corpse.

The movie goer in the cinema lobby then put on the Mask of Nostradamus himself.

On the screen within the movie, one of the young people desecrating and robbing Nostradamus’ grave likewise put on the mask in the movie.

The young person in the movie screamed and threw off the mask as he received an instantaneous case of facial boils as well as the bubonic plague through contact with the mask.

The young person in the lobby likewise screamed when he came down with the exact same ailments (facial boils and bubonic plague) after coming into contact with the mask.

Anyways what happened to the young people in the movie in that graveyard in France likewise happened to the young people in that single theatre cinema in a small American city.

“That was an interesting film,” Dracul commented, “never saw it again on television or video or anywhere else. I first saw it in a single cinema theatre myself which made it more terrifying given the premises of the plot. Those were the days before the advent of the multiplex cineplexes. There was the occasional duplex cinemas which had two theatres. There was something quaint and cozy about those old single theatre cinemas. Not many left anymore.”

“And like me, you can’t remember the name of the film?” Peter Whitstable scratched his head.

“No,” Dracul shook his head, “I’m still trying to remember the name of a movie I saw on TCM a few months ago about a guy who visited a beautiful woman with a lovely singing voice who lived in a house on the moon every time he time travelled between the present and the past.”

“I hate that when you can’t remember the name of something,” Whitstable grimaced then laughed.

“It can be very aggravating at times,” Dracul Van Helsing agreed.

“You’re probably wondering why I brought that movie up,” Whitstable queried.

“I suspect there’s method to your madness,” Dracul smiled.

“Are you familiar with the research of the lovely biochemist and geneticist Victoria Chang at the University of Maryland?” Whistable inquired.

“No, I’m not,” Dracul replied, “how lovely is she?”.

“Very lovely, indeed,” Whitstable answered, “anyways Miss Chang has discovered a trace of alien ET DNA within the human genome. Dating back roughly around 6000 years ago- about the time the angelic Watchers were said to have mated with mortal human women according to Genesis Chapter 6 and the 1st Book of Enoch. The time period also spoken of by ancient alien astronaut theorists on the History Channel TV program Ancient Aliens.”

“That’s interesting,” Dracul acknowledged, “but what does that have to do with the Nostradamus film you mentioned?”.

“Well, I was recently contacted by a film editor who works in the movie industry,” Whitstable explained, “he was one of the many editors who worked on the new Star Wars film The Force Awakens. He says a new scene has suddenly been added to the movie and he finds it somewhat strange. So he managed to clandestinely email me the scene. I too found it strange. So on a lark or maybe call it a psychic hunch, I emailed the scene to Victoria Chang and told her to show it to some of her subjects in her alien ET human genome research.”

“And what happened when Miss Chang showed that scene to her alien ET human genome subjects?” Dracul inquired.

“Well,” Peter wrote down the X-Files slogan The Truth Is Out There on the piece of paper in front of him, “some of the subjects actually turned into ETs- gray aliens or little green men and women and a few into raving multi-headed monsters with bulging eyes and reptilian claws.”

“Those in the last category mentioned will presumably be able to get jobs with the IRS, ” Dracul reflected thoughtfully.

“But according to Miss Chang’s hypothesis,” Peter Whitstable helped himself to one of the James Bond style martinis that Van Helsing had made, “every one on the planet has a slight trace of this alien ET DNA within their genetic make-up. So what will happen when millions and millions of people go into movie theatres to see what will probably be the biggest movie blockbuster of this decade Star Wars The Force Awakens? Will viewing that particular scene likewise trigger the alien ET DNA in their bodies and turn numerous theatre goers into alien grays or little green beings or multi-headed monsters with bulging eyes and reptilian claws?”.

“It will be dรฉjร  vu Nostradamus all over again,” Dracul sipped his own martini, “although hopefully minus the facial boils and outbreak of bubonic plague.”

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Saturday December 5th



  1. anaatcalin said,

    Hahaaa, super good one! But then again, aren’t they all. I’m beginning to see things the way you do – great minds think alike, though I never considered myself a great mind. I’ve had my difficulties with science. It’s getting better though, and my stories (especially the novel The Executioner and The Marquis) have something of science in them. Keep’em coming, please ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      Thanks, Ana. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yes, I will keep them coming.

      I don’t know much about science either.

      It was the arts, humanities and social sciences that I was good at in school and university.

      It was my dad who was the scientist (although he was good in the arts and humanities as well being the true Renaissance man that he was).

      Although I’ve been fascinated with the concept of time travel and have often pondered it.

      I also loved studying the work of Nicola Tesla as did my dad.

      About 15 years ago, I started studying Transhumanism then a little known Philosophy of Science.

      People thought I was strange for studying it.

      Only my dad supported me -“Chris probably has his reasons.”

      Now today in 2015, the world is up to its Kazoo in Transhumanism.

      A novel I read by C.S. Lewis called That Hideous Strength seemed to prophesy the advent of this phenomenon called Transhumanism.

      He also wrote a non-fiction book called Men Without Chests which I’ve never read but quotes I’ve read from it seem to indicate he saw the rise of Transhumanism 70-odd years ago.

  2. Hyperion said,

    I very good chapter Chris, I am seeing a reptilian theme in all of our blogs. The dragon master’s plan to take over the world starts as a seed in his subject’s minds and grows from there. Soon everyone sees the dragon as normal and acceptable and that makes it possible for dragons to win elections and pass laws favoring the dragon ethos. It’s a long road to Eden but at the halfway point is a Black Dragon hotel. I think it’s in California, Hotel California.:D Don’t you feel diabolical at times?

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      Indeed I do at times, Daniel.

      My most haunting memory of Palm Springs was walking by the remnants of a ruined building which bore the sign Hotel California.

      I thought the spirit that haunted the hotel in that Eagles song must finally have lost all control.

      • Hyperion said,

        Yes, I’m sure it was all those trapped souls smoking in bed, perhaps there were mushrooms involved too…

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Yes, mushrooms, pot and a faulty smoke detector that hadn’t been fixed since that spirit left in 1969.

      • Hyperion said,

        Yep! that really was the last year the hotel really rocked.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Indeed. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hyperion said,


      • Dracul Van Helsing said,


      • ั•ะฝั”ััฮนั” โˆ‚ั” ฮฝฮฑโ„“ั”ัฮนฮฑ said,

        Oh, dear, Chris … do not remind me of haunted hotel of which reminded me of the time few years back when me and the kids were alone in a hotel manor here in Germany … that was creepy … I thought I saw shadow of a woman standing in our bedroom every night but when I switched the table lamp on, there was nothing there. The third night, my five years old son (now, Marc is nearing 11), screamed in his room with his four years old sister, saying that someone just pulled down his blanket!

        I dragged all the mattress to my room, instead, and for a week we sleep there with lights on. I hate it … I cannot even change the room because the hotel was fully booked. Well, it was summer. No wonder there is no room left and other inns are full too, in that area. Ugh! This is why I prefer having to rent a family apartment, but as small as possible. I really feel un-comfortable to be in a big building!


      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        That sounds like quite a terrifying experience, Sherrie.

        Seeing a woman and then suddenly she isn’t there.

        Someone pulling down your son’s blanket.

        Yes, I’ve heard there are a lot of haunted hotel rooms in Europe.

        And when that happens, who ya gonna call?

        Ghostbusters! ๐Ÿ˜›

      • ั•ะฝั”ััฮนั” โˆ‚ั” ฮฝฮฑโ„“ั”ัฮนฮฑ said,

        I should call Renfield. He’ll hack them all in pieces! LOL

        Ugh! Since that experience, I never really eager to go to hotels. I rather rent a family house or a small cabin.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Yes, ghosts can really wreck a vacation.

      • ั•ะฝั”ััฮนั” โˆ‚ั” ฮฝฮฑโ„“ั”ัฮนฮฑ said,

        A lonely ghost who has no friend.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,


        Those are sad kind of ghosts. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • ั•ะฝั”ััฮนั” โˆ‚ั” ฮฝฮฑโ„“ั”ัฮนฮฑ said,

      Oh, and not to forget the Fairy Alien theme – a happening in my garden – creatures who stole my magic mushrooms! I should put a dragon dog at the back yard to guard my fake plastic well with a plastic bucket. Saw traces of mushrooms there! ๐Ÿ˜›

      But a human gnome? I know one who is a very intelligent gnome and no one notice it. It was Tyrion Lanister from the Great Houses of Westeros in Game of Throne. He is superb, although not that handsome, a mini-version of dwarf and have a high sexual drive motor, his endless appetite for prostitutes … And they didn’t know that he has an ETs-gray genes – he does look gray – all the time.


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