Mr. Bean Meets The Queen of Hearts: A Poem In 3 Lines

January 30, 2016 at 9:06 pm (Comedy, Fantasy, Humour, Poetry) (, , )

Mr. Bean Meets The Queen of Hearts: A Poem In 3 Lines

Mr. Bean went to tea hoping to be fed
and met the Queen of Hearts whose land she led
but when introduced, she screamed, “Off with his head.”

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Haiku About Using Mozart’s Music As A Weapon Against Vampires

January 29, 2016 at 8:26 pm (Arts, Music, Poetry, The Supernatural) (, , , , , , , )

Haiku About Using Mozart’s Music As A Weapon Against Vampires

Eine kleine nachtmusik
puts to sleep die Fledermaus
in Transyvlania

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The Lone Cowboy On The Hill: A Poem

January 27, 2016 at 8:26 pm (Life, Nature, Personal essays, Poetry) (, , , , )

The Lone Cowboy On The Hill

He stands on the hill like knight of old
watching cattle who are his fold
Today he’s one of a dying kind
in today’s world, he’ll probably be left behind

He is the lone cowboy on the hill
one with a now forgotten skill
His time will soon come to an end
a man who counted old trails for a friend
Such vast herds will soon be gone
as the world turns and time moves on

To be a cowboy was once a way of life
to ride through rain, sleet and snow caused much strife
To greener pastures for his herd did lead
and did such work as to cause hands to bleed

Sometimes the day was far far too long
other times he stopped to sing a song
this time will soon bid the world adieu
but for now this cowboy’s work is not through.

-A poem written by Christopher
Wednesday January 27th 2016

inspired by an oil painting his father George Milner once painted called The Lonely Cowboy

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January 26, 2016 at 7:58 pm (Uncategorized)

Since I published my first novel on Amazon yesterday, I’ve been thinking a lot about my father since my father always longed to see my first book published.

And while I was thinking about my father a great deal, I happened to read my dear friend Sherrie’s blog post yesterday.

It was an entry where she had posted one of her father’s poems that he wrote called Imperfection In Perfection.

He wrote the poem in kanji writing (Japanese writing in iconographic Chinese characters that are painted on paper with a brush).

He translated the poem into English for his daughter Sherrie.

It is a wonderful magnificently beautiful poem.

I absolutely love his opening line, “Life is like a distant breath of God.”

In fact, I love every line in this poem.

Every phrase and every sentence rings with the most beautiful simplicity and at the same time the most sublime and awesome majesty.

Just from this one poem, I can tell that he was a first rate magnificent poet of the highest order.

I can definitely tell where his daughter Sherrie gets her own wonderful magnificent poetic talent from.

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My 1st Novel Now Published and Available For Sale On Amazon

January 25, 2016 at 9:29 pm (Arts, Blogroll, Book Reviews, books, Culture, Entertainment, Fantasy, Folklore, History, International Intrigue, Life, Literature, Mystery, Mythology, Personal essays, Romance, Science-Fiction) (, , , , , , , , )

My 1st Novel Now Published and Available For Sale On Amazon

To all my friends, readers and fellow bloggers, I just thought I’d let you know that my 1st Novel was published today. 🙂

It’s now available at Amazon:

For those of you who prefer to read the book in printed paperback form rather than digital, here’s where you can buy the paperback edition of my book:

I would ask for your support in buying this book and also let your friends, acquaintances and family know about it to purchase it as well. 🙂

Many thanks,

Monday January 25th 2016
Robbie Burns Day

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Rose In The Snow: A Poem

January 24, 2016 at 8:46 pm (Life, love, Poetry, Romance) (, )

Rose In The Snow: A Poem

As I was walking through the snow so clean and so bright
It was a crisp and frosty cold winter night
and there on the snow all around
was a single red rose lying on the ground.

I stood wrapping my cloak from the chill from the air
and looked at the blood red rose petals that lay there so bare
What was this that greeted my sight?
The sad result of some lovers’ fight?

Was this the final answer flung in some one’s face?
After someone decided a vase would be out of place?
Was this love now dead like this rose in the snow?
All that answered in the night was a cold wind’s blow.

-A poem written by Christopher
Sunday January 24th 2016.

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Amadeus’ Ode To Dorian Gray: A Poem

January 22, 2016 at 8:41 pm (Art, Horror, Literature, Mystery, Mystery/horror, Poetry, Vampire novel) (, , , , , , )

Amadeus’ Ode To Dorian Gray

After his evening of drinking a dozen bottles of absinthe, Amadeus Emanon wrote the following ode to Dorian Gray:

Dorian in the picture gazing down at me,
Dorian in the picture what exactly do you see?
Dorian in the picture- you’re a Hellful spectral sight
you’re not the same as that handsome youth of night
who wanders London streets never aging in my sight.

Dorian in the picture what dark deeds have you done?
Dorian in the picture, to Satan your soul’s been won?
Murder and betrayal has become your deadly bread
if this portrait is destroyed, will you wind up dead?

Dorian in the picture, are you lot like me?
If my soul like yours was revealed for all the world to see
would I stop what I was doing for the rest of Eternity?

-A poem and vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Friday January 22nd

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Haiku About Planet 9

January 21, 2016 at 9:14 pm (Folklore, International Intrigue, News, Poetry, Science) (, , , , , )

Haiku About Planet 9

Dark unseen planet
NASA scoffs at Nibiru
yet truth is out there

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The Universe Is Unfolding (Possibly Not As It Should)

January 20, 2016 at 7:49 pm (Arts, Culture, Entertainment, Music, Vampire novel) (, , , , , , , , )

The Universe Is Unfolding (Possibly Not As It Should)

Dr. Cadbury Rocher was in the Set Enterprises lab doing some Prognostication experiments with Michelangelo the Psychic Lobster.

He was seeing what results would come out of this year’s Oscars.

On the computer screen, Dr. Rocher was viewing what Michelangelo was viewing through his prophetic lobster antennae which were hooked up to the computer.

Host of this Year’s Oscars (on stage) : Well I see by the number of people wearing white hoods and white robes and by the number of flaming burning crosses outside the auditorium, we’ve got a different sort of crowd at this year’s Oscars…

. . .

Heathcliff Dionysus Campbell the Executive Vice-President of Aulos Music and Recording Ltd. in London was petting his Siamese cat Oysterella and wondering what he should do now after receiving the latest memo from his higher-ups the Board of Directors of the Company.

The Board of Directors of his Company were demanding that he find the next big music superstar pronto or he’d be finding himself in line at the Unemployment office.

“Oh dear Oysterella,” the Music Exec sighed, “where am I going to find the next big music superstar?”.

. . .

Although Amadeus Emanon was quite fond of most varieties of food, he had been a teetotaler in his drinking habits for most of his life.

But after a recent conversation with his good friend the New Orleans vampiress and songstress Angelique Dumont, he had decided to become the next big thing to hit the arts.

As such he had purchased a dozen bottles of absinthe since he had heard that absinthe had served as an inspirational muse for great writers such as Ernest Hemingway, Charles Baudelaire and Oscar Wilde and great artists such as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Amedeo Modigliani.

As Michelangelo sputtered and asked for Viagra in lobstertalk in his lobster tank as he psychically picked up the name Modigliani from Amadeus’ thoughts and immediately thought of Sherrielock Holmes, Amadeus meanwhile lay at the bottom of the stairs after finishing off his dozenth bottle of absinthe.

“The follies of drunkenness,” Renfield remarked as he stepped over the dozing Amadeus at the bottom of the stairs.

When he reached the top of the stairs, he looked down at the sleeping Amadeus.

“I wonder what evil influences Amadeus has fallen under,” Renfield asked himself as he sipped from his 24th bottle of bourbon this night.

He went into his bedroom and used his Find-Yourself-A-Hooker app on his smart phone to do just that.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Wednesday January 20th

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Amadeus and Renfield: Contrasts In Handling Life’s Down Moments

January 19, 2016 at 7:20 pm (Geopolitics and International Relations, News, Vampire novel) (, , , , )

Amadeus and Renfield: Contrasts In Handling Life’s Down Moments

Amadeus Emanon was having a bad week.

A lot of his favourite artists and performers had been dying lately.

First there had been David Bowie, then there had been Alan Rickman whom he had thought of as a father (since some of Rickman’s DNA had gone into the genetic cloning and creation of Amadeus) and now Glenn Frey of The Eagles.

As Amadeus moped about the house (the colossal London mansion of the billionaire ancient Egyptian vampire Set), Renfield R. Renfield was happily bringing home hookers and banging away with them in a massive orgy of sex, bourbon and Cuban cigars.

He was also waiting by the phone to see if former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin would endorse him for President of the United States.

But Sarah fell for the guy with the weird looking toupee.

Renfield overcame his disappointment by lighting a cigar, opening a bottle of bourbon and saying to a lovely woman wearing a cosplay Japanese sailor suit mini dress, “Well blow me down, matey” and then hummed the Japanese national anthem as she proceeded to do just that.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Tuesday January 19th

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