In conclusion (looking back on life and taking stock )

April 4, 2016 at 8:06 pm (Uncategorized)

My friend the South African writer Timothy Wood examines the important question, “What makes a life worth living?”.

The Sarejessian

As one reaches the concluding years of ones life,one occasionally looks back and takes stock of what you have managed to do with your life.

In most cases people will say that they have had a good life it could have been better but that’s life.
Most people would say that they have a loving family and a home or they have been successful in business.

Truth is most people live mediocre lives and leave no lasting residue in this world all memory of them is gone about 25 years after they cease to breath.

A very few, the exceptional few manage to become names that history remembers for ever.

One thinks of great names in history, true but it is the men and women around these people who make this history. It is the writers, artists and those of the creative type who record the history that mankind remembers

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